Katarzyna Kopanska

Katarzyna Kopanska

Wola Filipowska, Malopolska, Poland

About Katarzyna Kopanska

In my paintings I try to combine the sphere of physis, sensual pleasure, biology, and colors with symbolic elements evoking ontological and metaphysical meanings.

My canvas constitute a mixture of textural and flat painting; Working on paper, I apply various techniques;
I also press some parts of my linocuts. I am fond of order, symmetry and classic skills. At the same time, in painting and drawing I use techniques that allow chance decalcomania, grattage, dropping.

At the first stage of my creative work I am quick and spontaneous. Then, at the next stages, I tame chaos and introduce order. As a result, my paintings form multilayer phenomenon.

The layer of colors, regions of colors interactions constitute the foundation of my paintings. The material layer consists of the specific techniques I applied, textures, and deposits of paints. The layer of represented objects includes figures like woman, boy, tree, rhino.
The layer of meanings consists of a story that usually finds no final on the picture.


The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland.


"Cepheus, Hercules, and the Indian Unicorn", paintings, solo exhibition, May 2021, Municipal Art Gallery MM in Chorzow, Poland.


2020.XII - 2021.I "Baroque, Dopamine and Meteors", paintings, solo exhibition, Vauxhall Palace Gallery, Krzeszowice.
2019 - "My Millefleur" 12 works on canvas, 20 works on papers. Exhibited at Ostróda Museum, The Castle, Ostróda, Mickiewicza St. 22, Poland.
2011 - "Sensuellabilder", works on paper, Abbekas Gallery, Abbekas, Sweden.
2009 - "Young girls in Flower", works on paper, Abbekas Gallery, Abbekas, Sweden.
2008 - "Bright Pastures", painting, Raven Gallery, Krakow, Poland.
2005 - "According to Johannes Angelus", works on paper, Abbekas Gallery, Abbekas, Sweden.
2001 – "Cat Drovers", painting, Polska Institutet Stockholm.
1999 – "L'Art et les Animaux" Bajek, Kopańska, Martini, Couleurs en Val Mosan, Huy, Pailhe, Belgium.
1999 – "Yellow River", paintings and works on paper, Warsaw Financial Center, Warsaw, Poland, exhibition organized by the Polish Artists Union.
1997 - Paintings and works on paper, Marian Gologórski Author's Gallery, House of Polonia, Krakow, Poland.
1994 – “Colour is my hero”, paintings and works on paper, Bernauer 111, Berlin.