Kristian Rangel Vallari

Kristian Rangel Vallari

Mexico, Mexico

About Kristian Rangel Vallari

Imagination fused with life, travels and dreams... is the expression of my work. Every line, every stroke scrutinized by perfectionism is laid to rest, with endless incessant repetition. "Balanced Chaos" is its foundation and ardent detail it's ongoing culmination.

For the past seventeen years I have explored the technique known as Scratchboard. A clay covered hardboard panel coated with black India ink. Once the board has been scratched using a sharp metal tool, those lines or scratches are painted with a brush, using colored Indian inks or watercolors. The final image is then sealed with acrylic. Adapting and mastering this medium has been a great experience. It has allowed my style to merge and flourish with the combination of drawing and the challenges of etching or scratching, taking away versus applying. The creation of compositions through lines only, calls for the exploration of these and the infinite ways of their application to achieve motion, texture and color through obsessive intricacy or plain simplicity.

My compositions strive to achieve balance, both in structure and color, which lead to the development of applicable rules that I now project and apply as a theory throughout my work. This theory has allowed me to structure my work, composition and it's creative process, production time, and above all, guidance for assured masterful completion of the work. The rules of this theory evolve as the artwork evolves, however its founding law, the equal merger of chaos and balance, always remains constant, hence the name "Chaotic Balance".

The visions I portray will continue to evolve and reflect this strong theoretic pillar I created, while building upon it, and helping others understand the relation between empty space and all surrounding factors within my work.


Marine Military Academy,
Harlingen, TX. USA

Rhode Island School of Design '01
BFA / BGD Graphic Design
Providence, RI. USA