Kunotas Vildziunas

Kunotas Vildziunas

Vilnius, Europe, Lithuania

About Kunotas Vildziunas

I am Kunotas Vildziunas.
Born in 1969 in Vilnius, Lithuania.
I am a sculptor and director of Vilnius Jeruzalem Art Center.

A form of sculpture is created or so to speak "closed" by means of several minimal tense movements (suppose joining three sheets of steel) and several resulting strong edges, but at the same time preserving a peaceful and contemplative inner state of mind.

As my father, also a sculptor Vladas Vildžiūnas once said, "This minimalism (little means much is the essence of minimalism) gives rise to incredible freedom and expressiveness of form". I am related to my father's works in the same way my father has been related to Lithuanian folk sculpture. In my turn I make use of father's separate plastic fragments of sculpture and sometimes taking great risks strives for the synthesis of abstraction and a concrete Baroque form. Thus, my minimalistic sculpture represents another stage of development when a fragment acts as a form, independent and powerful.

There is hardly any direct link between my artworks and folk sculpture. But the atmosphere you feel in the photos of my studio and garden with works and Baroque architecture by which Lithuanian folk sculpture had been developing suggest about the existence of indirect but inevitable relation. There are no doubts concerning my affection for Baroque. In my pieces of sculpture produced for the project Signs of Vilnius the forms of Baroque architecture have been replaced by the Baroque symbols, originating from the heraldry of the noblemen in the 17th century Great Duchy of of Lithuania. These already purified forms symbolising the concrete worldly power (The Royal Apple) and celestial realm(Ship-Arch) are transformed in unexpected contexts, sizes materials (enlarged to gigantic measurements together with another four pieces made to be displayed on the bridges of Vilnius) acquire completely new and unexpected meanings and sound vibrations.


Alma Mater - Vilnius Academy of Arts.
Master's degree of sculpture.


1993 - Sculpture Symposium in Jokioinen, Finland;
since 1995 - participant of group exhibitions in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda;

1996 - graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts;
sculpture Forma Avis at Sculpture Garden (VJAC) in Vilnius (h 230, stainless steel)
design of a book by Marija Gimbutiene The Old Europe (together with Marija Ladigaite)

1997-2000 - International Granite Symposium Integrart in Mackowa Ruda, Poland;
Exhibitions of Integrart in Sejny, Augustow, Bialystok,Warszawa, Minsk,Vilnius;

Since 1997 - participant of various competitions for monuments in Lithuania;

1997 - made a sculpture Barbora of Vladas Vildziunas in VJAC Sculpture Garden (h 340, stainless steel)

1998-2002 - designer of a magazine Sandora;

1999 - Ice Symposium in Vilnius;

since 2001 - director of Vilnius Jeruzalem Art Center
(since 1991 actively managing VJAC Sculpture Garden);
organizer and curator of various exhibitions in VJAC Vladas Vildziunas Gallery;

2001 - designer and one of compilers of a book-monograph Vladas Vildziunas;

2002 - made a monument To Freedom of Vladas Vildziunas in Anyksiai (Lithuania, h 460, stain. steel)

2002 - made a sculpture Metamorphosis of Gediminas Zuklys near the Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius (230x650, stain. steel)

2004 - leader and participant of an International Sculpture Symposium A sight at the Old Europe, dedicated to a famous archeologist Marija Gimbutienò (VJAC, Lithuania)

2005 - sculpture Splendor Vitae in Vilnius (h 240, stain. steel)

2005 - made a monument for freedom Ballad of Vladas Vildziunas in Kelme (Lithuania, h 500,
stain. steel)

2007 - sculpture A sight other-wise in Vilnius Gates, a entertainment and business center (Vilnius, h 210, stain. steel)

2008 - participant of an exhibition Generations in Bialystok

2009-2010 - project Signs of Vilnius 4 sculptures under the bridges
of Vilnius (Lithuania, 22 m)

2011-2012 - sculptures In Jazz, A Vessel of Springs in Birštonas (Lithuania, h 200, h 212)

2012 - sculpture Vessel - Fish in Suwalki (Poland, h 120)

2016 - sculpture Forma colibris (h 900 stain. steel) Birštonas, Lithuania

2016 - sculpture Duo (h 180 stain. steel) Birštonas, Lithuania

2017 - sculpture Winged (h 195 stain. steel) Kaunas, Lithuania

2018 - sculpture King 1 of Vladas Vildziunas in VJAC Sculpture Garden (h 530, stainless steel)

2019 - sculpture Generations of Vladas Vildziunas in VJAC Sculpture Garden (h 400, stainless steel)