Maria Snigirevskaya

Maria Snigirevskaya

St.Petersburg, Russia

About Maria Snigirevskaya

Maria Snigirevskaya and Pyotr Lebedev .
Maria Snigirevskaya was born in St. Petersburg in 1967. Has been engaged in photography since 1980 (studied under Boris Smelov). Since 1983 worked as a photographer at the All-Union State Geological Institute (VSEGEI), then at the "Artist of the RSFSR" publishing house. From 1986 to 2000, she worked at the State Russian Museum. Member of the Russian Union of Photo Artists since 1992. Member of the Creative Union of Artists (IFA) St. Petersburg since 2007. Since 2004, she began painting. Since 2007 has been engaged in joint photo projects with Pyotr Lebedev.

Pyotr Lebedev was born in Leningrad in 1957. Has been engaged in photography since 1978.
Studied at the courses of photo correspondents. He was a member of the "Mirror" photo club.
1978г. Member of the Union of Russian Photographers since 1990. Member of the Creative
Union of Artists (IFA) St. Petersburg. In the nineties, he began to engage
with an interior photo. Worked with magazines: "Salon", "Elle", "AD", "Harpers Baazar" and others. Since 2007 has been engaged in joint photographic projects with Harpers Baazar. Since 2007 Pyotr has been involved in joint photo projects with Maria Snigirevskaya.

Maria is also successfully involved in her creative projects in painting.


Maria Snigirevskaya:
2016 - "St. Petersburg. Between light and shadow" photo exhibition together with Peter Lebedev, exhibition hall of the Kirov Islands Library, St. Petersburg.
2016 - 'Nature morte' photo exhibition with Peter Lebedev, State Museum "Tsarskoye Selo Collection" in Pushkin.
2015 - "Romantic Constructivism" personal exhibition in the Museum "Rosfoto", St. Petersburg.
2009 - Naturemort together with Peter Lebedev - Galerie Sputnik -
New York - USA
2008 - "Venice" and "Verona" together with Peter Lebedev
Rachmaninov Dvorik Hotel - St. Petersburg
2008 - Personal exhibition - Rachmaninov Gallery Dvorik SPb
2008 - "Venice" together with Peter Lebedev - Gallery Fotosoyuz - Moscow
2008 - "Still Lives" together with Peter Lebedev - gallery
Rachmaninov Yard - St. Petersburg
2007 - Painting and Photography - solo exhibition - Borey Gallery Photography - St. Petersburg.
2005 - Personal exhibition of paintings - Mitki Vkhutemas Gallery - SPb.
2005 - Personal exhibition "Shadows" - Lounge of Arts of the restaurant "Palkin" - St. Petersburg
2005 - "PHOTO L.A. 2005" - Anahita gallery - Santa Fe - US
2004 - Personal exhibition - Mitya Gallery - VKhUTEMAS - SPb.
2003 - "Black & White Petersburg" - gallery Grand - New York - USA
2000 - Personal exhibition - Autumn Photo Marathon Festival - Open Society Institute - St. Petersburg
2000 - Personal exhibition - Goethe Institute - St. Petersburg
1998 - "Animo video" solo exhibition - Mitki VHUTEMAS Gallery - St. Petersburg
1997 - "Russian photographers renewal sand metamorphoses from the late Soviet era to the 1990" - The M.I.T. Museum - Fichtung - Art Museum - USA
1992 - "Les experiences photographique Russes" - Mois de la Photo - Paris - France
1992 - "Light and Shadow" - personal exhibition - State University - St. Petersburg

The works are stored in collections:

State Russian Museum - SPb
Museum of Organic Culture Kolomna, Russia
Quaedvlieg Modern Fine Art Gallery Maastricht, Netherlands
State Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSPHOTO - SPb.
Zimmerley Museum at Rutgers University
State Museum "Tsarskoselskaya Collection" in Pushkin.
Joshua Smith collection (USA)
Borey Gallery collection, St. Petersburg, Russia
collection of Rachmaninov Dvorik Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
collection of Norton and Nancy Dodge (USA)

as well as private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, Sweden, France, Holland

Pyotr Lebedev:
2016 - "St. Petersburg. Between Light and Shadow" together with Maria Snigirevskaya.
Exhibition Hall of the Kirov Islands Library, St.Petersburg. - "St. Petersburg.
2016 - "Nature morte" photo exhibition together with Maria Snigirevskaya.
State Museum "Tsarskoye Selo Collection", Pushkin.
2015 - "Visible Metaphysics" together with Peter Lebedev, gallery. "Rachmaninov Yard", St. Petersburg.
2014 - Photo exhibition in memory of A.P.Aleksandrov, Union of Photographers Russia, St. Petersburg
2014 - Photo exhibition from the collection of the Rachmaninov Dvorik Gallery, gallery
"Rachmaninov Yard", St. Petersburg.
2013 - "Unattainable Closeness: Venice - St. Petersburg" gallery "Stacha" SPb (together with Maria Snigirevskaya)
2011 - "Venice Island" gallery "Rachmaninov Yard" SPB (together with by Maria Snigirevskaya)
2010 - "Chosen" gallery "Rachmaninov Dvorik" St. Petersburg (together with Maria Snigirevskaya)
2010 - "To be continued 3" group "Punctuum", IFA exhibition hall - St. Petersburg
2009 - "Still Lives" gallery Sputnik USA, New York (together with by Maria Snigirevskaya)
2009 - "To be continued 2" group "Punctuum", IFA exhibition hall - St. Petersburg
2008 - "Venice and Verona" hotel "Rachmaninov Dvorik", St. Petersburg (together with Maria Snigirevskaya)
2008 - "Venice" gallery "Fotosoyuz" Moscow (together with Maria Snigirevskaya)
2008 - "Still-lifes" gallery "Rachmaninov Dvorik" St. Petersburg (together with Maria Snigirevskaya)
2007 - personal exhibition in Rachmaninov Dvorik Gallery, St. Petersburg.

From 1978 to 1983 he participated in exhibitions of the club "Mirror" and the group.