Leonardo Vargas

Leonardo Vargas

Strasbourg, France

About Leonardo Vargas

http://leonardovargast.com/. Artist working in Strasbourg, France. His work makes use of images coming form all kind of sources: art history, photography, advertising. Painting is a way this artist makes sense of surrounding visual information. At the same time this allows him to explore a diversity of painterly procedures and methods -sometimes borrowed from these other visual realms- to create intriguing artworks filed with expression, emotion and a thought provoking presence. In this era of continuous flow of images in which one does not get time, These artworks invite the viewer to stop and reflect, contemplate and to engage in a deeper exchange with them.


- Master of Arts in Fine Arts. Hogeschool voor der Kunsten Utrecht/Utrecht School of the Arts. Utrecht, The Netherlands.

- Specialization in History and theory of modern and contemporary Art. Universidad de Los Andes. Bogotá.



"Photo Peinture" (Bertrand Gillig Gallery) Strasbourg, France, 2018

"Artlab" (Gallery Benjamin Eck, Munich June 2018)

"Veau d’or, vaches maigres" (Palais abbatial, Sennones, France. 2017)