Lizzy Geurts van Kessel

Lizzy Geurts van Kessel

Vlierden, Brabant, Netherlands

About Lizzy Geurts van Kessel

Art makes humans understand each other a little better. That is Lizzy's conviction. Art wants to have a dialogue with the viewer, the listener, or the feeler. Art can make a (better) connection between human. For each other’s emotions, situations or for even different images of time.
Art can make cracks and breaks smaller, between generations and art stiles. Between the past and the future. Like the art historian Rudi Fuchs said: ‘images are here to help us see’.
It’s Lizzy's challenge to combine this in her work with craft techniques and contemporary techniques.
'You have to feel the struggle and assembly of these techniques, the past and future in the subject and in the material'. Fascination for humans, emotions and light are always strongly present in Lizzy her work.


School of Arts, Tilburg
Sint Lucas, Boxtel - specialism restauration and decoration.
Lizzy started crafts studies at St.Lucas Boxtel, where she specialized in restoration and decoration. This gave Lizzy the knowledge of many techniques and materials. In the search for more depth in her work Lizzy later enrolled for a study at the School of Arts in Tilburg, where she subsequently graduated cum laude for her autonomous work and as an arts teacher.
Next to making her own work, Lizzy likes sharing and combining creativity and images and questioning the relationships between them. Therefore it was a logical step to start her own business; Atelier Lizzy.


2016 may-okt:group exhibition 'Reflectie',
church Deurne.
2016 jan: Solo-exhibition 'Daily Portraits', De Kaarsenfabriek, Helmond
2015- sept: Group exhibition Museum De Wieger, Deurne.
2015- july: 2 works shown at group exposition, biënnale, Sardinië.
2015-march: Galerie TON, Roosendaal.
2014- march: Art Event, Helmond.
2013-jun: Graduation Expo, Rozenstraat Ateliers, Tilburg.
2013-may: Leerling/Meester exposition #15, Claus-Pierre Leinenbach, Tilburg.