Louis Papadopoulos

Louis Papadopoulos

Nax, Valais, Switzerland

About Louis Papadopoulos

Greek artist.
Born in Germany.
Studied photography,painting and art history in Italy and the Netherlands.

If a Zen Buddhist is asked to give a definition of Zen, he would answer: When I'm tired, I sleep. When I'm hungry, I eat.

I'm not asking myself why I paint.
It is a necessity such as loving, having a conversation, mourning, arguing or moving.
There is a moment where I have to begin a painting and there is a moment where I have to stop.
These are crucial moments, they determine not only where the journey goes but even how. They decide if the emergence will come easily or will come with a lot of suffering and insecurity.

The preparation has a particular significance. The construction of the frame, the priming of the canvas is almost an act of liturgy. This is the time when I start getting connected with the painting.These are the only moments in which I consciously determine the anatomy of the painting.

What comes next is not only subject to my own will.One point determines the next, one line the next, one colour the next.The biggest challenge is to permit the unforeseen. The accumulation of the acts of painting, determined by the already existing, and I become a tool of the act itself.
It paints.

It is strenuous to permit things to happen on the canvas out of my control.
The abstraction of things indoctrinated by education and society. To overcome filters our brain allegedly needs to secure our survival.The trust in the entirety that we cannot seize rationally, but feel intuitively.The whole becomes more than the sum of the parts.

Fear of the unknown is a constant companion in my work. The destruction of already created in order to open up new spaces feels like pain, however it is liberating at the same time.The images that result are a language which tells a story in different ways.

Everyone his own.
Every time another.



Curriculum Vitae
Born in Germany
1983 High School Diploma
1983-1985 FH Kempten, Degree in Business Management
1986-1989 Berufsschule Bad Wörishofen, degree in Hotel Management
1989-1993 Hotel Manager at Intercontinental, London and Le Grand Hotel, Paris
1994-1999 Owner of Various Restaurants in Germany
2011-now Owner of the Maya Boutique Hotel, the first straw bale hotel


Jan.-July 2000 Scuola Professionale di Fotografia Click up , Florence/Italy Master Course
July 2000 Massa Maritima Toscana/Italy Workshop Reportage with Guy Le Querrec
Workshop il corpo with Jeff Dunas
Oct. 2000-July 2001 Istituto Superiore di Fotografia e Communicazione Integrata, Rome/Italy Corso Triennale
Sept. 2001-2006 Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht/Netherlands Studies in Art and Visual Communicaton, Diploma in Painting and Art History
March 2006 Jan van Eyck Akademie Maastricht,Workshop exhibition


December 2000 Mercato Via dei Zingari, Rome, Photography
March 2005 Kunsttour Maastricht, Videoinstallation "parle moi" in the Brandweerhuis
July 2006 Abk Maastricht Diploma Exhibition,Painting
Juli 2006 Landbouwbelang Maastricht,Group Exhibition, Painting
June 2008 Galerie du Prieur,Lausanne-Pully, Switzerland, Gouaches

May 2009 - today "Maya Boutique Hotel" project, Nax, Valais, Switzerland
The construction of the first hotel built entirely with straw bales.
More informations www.maya-boutique-hotel.ch


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