Łukasz Cendrowski

Łukasz Cendrowski

Wrocław, Poland

About Łukasz Cendrowski

I recently graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland. I chose to study sculpture because modern sculpture is crucial to my artistic interests and development.

In my work I refer to a vast tradition of minimalistic methods, most of which were developed in the 20th century. I intend to transfer these techniques to the present through my work. I explore the possibilities of how to use these techniques in modern day, to examine the result and explore the artistic potential. At the same time I try to push the limitations of the materials and the techniques to move further with my own work using these traditions as a foundation.

It is the form of the pieces which focuses the audience's attention. Since the sculpture has no reference to any other form there is no disconnect or attempts to understand it's meaning other than to appreciate it's shape. In this way the form of the piece itself becomes the meaning of the sculpture

I began participating in artistic shows and events in 2010. Since then I have presented my work in many exhibitions in Poland and other countries. In September 2012 I exhibited my sculptures at the ZS Art Gallery in Vienna. In the future I would like to create work that would be displayed to the public in areas around the city, creating a dialogue between architecture, space and people.


Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław - 2007 - 2012
faculty: sculpture

Higher School of Crafts and Management in Wroclaw - 2004 - 2007
faculty: renovation of monuments of art


- 14 November - „Free Space” - group exhibition of artists graduated from Academy of Arts in Wrocław
- 03 August - 20 september - Exhibition with Eduardo Vega de Seoane, ZS ART, Wien

- 14 November - 20 November - „Co? WIADRO”, group exhibition of students from Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw,
Steinhouse Gallery, Wroclaw
- 05 November - 06 November - „ART INN (second edition)”, group exhibition, 1500m2, Warsaw
- 04 July - 15 July - solo exhibition, MiTo Gallery, Warsaw
- 01 June - 30 June - solo exhibition, Gallery 209, ASP Wroclaw
- 06 May - 31 May - „I Biennale of Young Artist”, group exhibition, Center of Culture Impart, Wroclaw
- 26 March - 27 March - „ART INN”, 8 Day of the Weekstrictly gallery but rather a club organizing art exhibitions), Warsaw
- 27 January - 17 February - „43% Organic, 67% Synthetic”, exhibition with painter Grzegorz Gdula, Center of Culture Agora in Wroclaw

- 17 December 2010 - 2 January 2011 - „XXVI Review of Lower Silesian Artists”, group exhibition, Gallery of Legnica city
- 26 November - „Implozja” solo exhibition, U Gallery, Wroclaw
- 4 September - 13 September - post-competition exhibition of students from Academy of Fine Arts
- 11 June - 5 July - single exhibition, Postument Gallery, Wrocław