Magdalena Skiba

Magdalena Skiba

Zagorzyce, Poland

About Magdalena Skiba

Magdalena Skiba was born in 1980 in Rzeszów, Poland.
She is a painter and works as a graphic designer.

Works from a few years, show how it changed mine
perception of the world, perception of reality and sensitivity to the beauty of the nature that surrounds me, contact with nature, man and God. In the creative process, I am looking for inspiration wherever I am. Painting works show a wealth of interpretations of artistic phenomena taking place in the present world. Observing reality, I draw inspiration in painting from various media: photography, poster, computer graphics, drawing, but mainly traditional oil painting on canvas.
In terms of painting language, these are works rich in color, expression and deformation of the form. The images are simple, almost essential in form and content, which means they can reach every recipient.
"They surprise with a literary narrative-abstract form."

The left mark of the brush on the canvas gives the impression of movement and the vibrating stain
on the entire surface of the image he builds his tension and dynamics. In creative work
I am looking for answers to bothering me questions about a man, his nature, emotionality, psychological aspect and I try to express it with the help of a "painting experiment" - using a deliberate case.


Studies: 2000 - 2005 Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Department of Graphic Design, studied painting in Prof. Adam Brincken’s workshop: 2002/2003.



· 2015 - solo exhibition of paintings in Centre Culture, Sędziszów Małopolski
· 2011 – solo exhibition of paintings in Attractiva art gallery, Lublin,
Group exhibition:
· 2009 - „Vivat Plakat!"- in Germany
- - BWA in Rzeszów;
· 2008 - BWA in Rzeszów;
- One of the best posters in AMS competition “Cycling thinking”;
· 2006 – The Best of Polish Graduation Works 2004/2005, Zamek Cieszyn
- Poster workshop exhibition;
· 2005 - V Festiwal Plakatu w Krakowie;