Maje Valenzuela

Maje Valenzuela

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

About Maje Valenzuela

Maje (1986, Santiago, Chile.) is a Chilean artist who lives in Barcelona. She began her career as a photographer, which led her to develop video and visual arts. At the moment she works on a series of drawings in Chinese ink and embroidered thread on paper focused on the landscape and organic forms. By means of the technique of “achurado” it approaches the darkness and the light with obsessive strokes that make to emerge with depth the volume of the figure on the paper. Investigations of light with the black and white, where light and shadow give way to a colorful work in embroidered thread on paper.


Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chile. She started in the area of photography with studies at the ICP International Center of Photography in New York. After graduating in Fine Arts, she received a diploma in video postproduction and produced a series of video art exhibitions in Chile. She has studied Visual Anthropology at the University of Barcelona, Spain. In 2016 she received her Masters in Documentary Creation at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Maje participates in projects that combine audiovisual with social issues and oral heritage in Chile and Spain.