Edward Ofosu

Edward Ofosu

London, United Kingdom

About Edward Ofosu

Edward Ofosu was born in Ghana, West Africa. From an early age I showed a keen interest in art influenced by my mother who was then a handicraft teacher. I did start painting on my own since 1997 and art has become a daily life.I do enjoy painting portraits and abstacts. My abstracts are painted from memory free from any idea that what I produce must be art or must respond in any way or any standard. As a painter I feel a responsibility to bring the public to a greater consciousness of the relation between art and life. Also, to raise the awareness of self or the undercurrent within each and everyone through my work.In 2004, I moved to London and continue to paint and live here. I have participated in numerous group exhibitions and art programs, including Sky Arts portrait artist of the year 2014&2017, The Ruth Borchard Selfportrait 2015 & 2017, The Royal Society Of portrait Painters at the Mall Gallery 2009. In the same year,I won a runner up award in the Artist of the year competition, organised by the Artists and Illustrators magazine. I've also lead iPad art workshops at the Apple Store in Covent gardens, V&A museum, The Queen's gallery Buckingham palace and various venues. My works are held in private collections in Italy, America, Denmark, Holland, Ghana and UK.


Higher Diploma in Computer Science,


Future Shows: An Art Exhibition that aims to investigate consciousness and self-awareness in a more abstract style