I'm a self-taught artist and hope that what I want to share with you will give you emotions and will invite you to poetry and delicacy spaces...a dedicated space for your well-being...

Some worlds about my way and my work :

I always liked to draw and color my world.

With my pencils, charcoals and brushes, I let express my soul, my heart and by this way, I feel to be inside sensitive life.

I love light and beauty, matter and sensitive things.

Woman is at the center of my work .

As an obvious fact, it is its fundamental element,
the spirit, the soul from which everything goes and where everything comes. It's a fertile source...

My drawing and painting world is like a dream world.

When I draw this timeless, unique and multiple Feminine, "my pencils and charcoals have their own life"...They draw reminiscences of plants, fantasy characters and animals that complete the personal legend of these women revealing them between poetry and mystery, delicacy and strength.

I don't know what is exactly. I don't know if it's an part of intuitive and creative femininity, a savage appeal of mother nature or some parts of us like all of "I" hidden inside everyone and being who seek to say? Who knows really ?

So it is and only it is... And, I like to share it just as it is, with earth and humanity ...