Marcos Albuquerque

Marcos Albuquerque

Sao Paulo, Sp, Brazil

About Marcos Albuquerque

Brazilian artist born in September 1962, lives in São Paulo.I returned to the arts in November of 2016, after 35 years ... Unique and innovative artwork with Brazilian naturals stones and different recycled woods to make collages, paintings and sculptures 100% handcrafted, without the use of equipments or machines.I try to do a different job ... infinite ... My art is characterized by innovation, creation of new techniques,in addition to great quality and durability. It is a work carried out with great patience,perform with love, affection, and above all, with honesty (some may take day up to months). I challenge the use of fragments of various types of metamorphic rocks (marble,granite, argillite, sandstone, limestone, quartz) meticulously applied to surfaces of various types of reused wood properly treated , with the aim of making inanimate matter in beautiful and realistic images, highlighting the beauty of stones and their natural colors as the paints were produced in antiquity, I also use current materials that provide quality and durability. This effect occurs in the use of fragments, respecting their characteristics, defining different colors,details and relief of images. Resistant to water, sunlight, and different temperatures. *****All work is fully reviewed for deliver and protected with varnish against sunlight, water,dust. *****All materials are removed without damage to the environment. Thank you to all art lovers.


Self-taught. Admirer of works of art and its infinite forms of manifestation.
I started making art in my childhood when I was 12 years old. At that time, I studied at some art and drawing schools.

After 35 years away from the arts, I stopped working for health problems and my family, I was able to dedicate myself to art, starting again in 2016.

I have general knowledge in wood (especially treatment and coloring), painting, sculptures and special bonding techniques. My work of art has an excellent quality and durability, which I am always improving.

In particular, wooden boards are specially treated before I begin the work of art, which guarantees a hundred-year duration. Any less[


Artist in SAATCHI ART since April 2017

***** The works of art can be touched, their relief increases sensitivity especially for the visually impaired.