Margot van de Stolpe

Margot van de Stolpe

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

About Margot van de Stolpe

After graduating from art college Margot designed monumental art on rollshutters for Hajenius and Bonebakker on the Rokin in Amsterdam.
She also designed and executed 2 wallpaintings, 4 x 13 meters, for the church of the Sacred Hart in Haarlem.

In 1995 she established 'The Monumental Tile', a studio for designing mainly monumental art on tile tableaus for interiors.
Her work is characterised by a powerfull, virtuous designlining with an expressive monumental idiom.

Since 2010 Margot is a member of art movement 'Tropism'.
Her autonomous work consists mainly of photography and photocollages.
Patterns and elements of landscapes are combined in order to create a new perception of reality.

Patterns derived from nature, are the underlying structure that is under pressure and is moulded and shaped. She works like a painter with
photographic material that she builds by stacking several layers on top of each other and composes thereby a new vision on reality.


She was educated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.


Currently she and the other members of Tropism, are working on 'Flora’s Ark', the photosynthesis solution.
​Climate change is a catastrophe in slow motion, caused by the way humans relate to nature. It might already be too late to reverse the trend. Our planet will then become largely uninhabitable. Research into terraforming Mars will soon be applicable on Earth.
Starting from this disturbing idea, the artist group Tropism Art & Science Collective proposes an exhibition concept for botanic gardens called Photosynthesis. With photography, art, film and installations they investigate ways of perceiving nature different from the common perspective. The centrepiece is Flora’s Ark, a monumental terraforming time capsule with a small seed bank.


She participated in several art-fairs in 2011,
including the art-fair AAF in Amsterdam.

In 2013 she took part in the tropistic exhibition 'Photosynthesis, shedding new light on plants'.

In 2014 she had an art exhibition in Brooklyn hotel in
Amsterdam and
worked together with Robin Noorda on the 'Sneaky Serpents' project for the Amsterdam Light Festival.

In 2015 she exhibited in the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, with the second edition of 'Photosynthesis, shedding new light on plants'.

Since 2017 she collaborates with Robin Noorda on a special series of still life photographs with ultra violet lighting, called 'Ultra Vanity'.

In 2018, being a member of Tropism, she now has a permanent exhibition in the Flower Art Museum in The Netherlands together with fellow Tropists.

In that same year she and Robin Noorda participated
in the festival Masterly The Hague, a festival of old masters paintings, dutch design and art.

In 2019 she and Robin Noorda participated in succesfull exhibitions with their Ultra Vanity project, the latest exhibiting their works at Artthehague in the oktober artfair.

In may 2021 there will be a solo exhibition of her new series of photographs 'Tropistic Floral Portraits' in the Flower Art Museum in Aalsmeer.

Also in may 2021 she and Robin Noorda will participate in an exhibition in gallery Boot & Stein, Sint Maartensburg.