Maria Iciak

Maria Iciak

Toruń, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland

About Maria Iciak

In my art I gain inspiration from Rosi Braidotti’s concept of nomadic subject and Judith Butlers’ theories of the performative nature of gender and sex.

My paintings are a praise of variability, diversity and being different.

Watercolor is my favourite technique. It is a natural way of expression which fits my artistic temperament perfectly. I paint on an impulse. High pace of working and intuitiveness forced by watercolor technique are a great asset when capturing a fleeting moment. I’m also driven by problems of a formal nature. I’m still developing my technique and unique style, but I’m nonetheless fascinated by the results of interblending spots of color that watercolor delivers.


2017 Art Gallery Assistant Internship, Bologna, Italy
2016 Art Gallery Assistant Internship, Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin, Germany
2015 History of Art, Unipd, Padua, Italy
2014-2016 MA in History of Art, UMK, Toruń, Poland
2012 Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy
2009-2014 MA in Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk, Poland
2008-2009 Philosophy, UMK, Toruń, Poland


"Akwarela", Artshop m6, Toruń, Poland,

"Ptaki moje", Klatka B, Gdańsk
"Kunst:offen", Kulturhaus Steinfurth, Germany,

"Atelierfest. Birds", Kulturhaus Steinfurth, Germany,
"Nude", Kulturspeicher, Ueckermünde, Germany
"Dilemma", Kulturhaus Steinfurth, Germany
"Birds", Pracownia Duży Pokój, Warszawa, Poland

"27 metricubi" Padova, Italy
"Młode malarstwo w Gdansku. Dyplomy 2015", The Great Armoury, Gdansk , Poland,

„Drużyna Wojtka”, Biblioteka Pedagogiczna, Toruń, Poland
"From the Archives. Lithography", Spiechlerz Sztuki, Wejherowo, Poland
„RE-AKCJE 2”, The Small Armoury, Gdańsk, Poland
„NOC”, exhibition as part of Night of the
Museums 2014, The Great Armoury, Gdańsk Poland.

“KRYTYczyNie”, Student Festival of Visual Art, START Gallery, Gdansk, Poland
“Otwarta piwnica/AtelieR”, Atelier Gallery, The English House, Gdansk, Poland