Mari Dein

Mari Dein

Anapa, Krasnodarskiy kray, Russia

About Mari Dein

Real name Maria Shestakova, writing under the pseudonym Mari Dein.
I believe that art helps to find inner balance and harmony. For the artist while he works on it and for the viewer when his inner world resonates by contact with creation. Everyone finds their own way to express feelings and thoughts. I like to find inspiration in color and texture, which is reflected in my work. I'm trying to find my line between abstraction and object painting by developing my technique with palette knife and experiment with others. to go deeper into the essence, and not just copy the image.

Born in a small town in Siberia. Until the age of 12 i was taught by dad to draw and work with a brush, as his uncle taught him, so it can be said that we have a small dynasty of artists. At the age of 12 i enrolled in art school. I've traveled a lot and part of my family lives in different countries: Germany, Ukraine, Norway. This greatly affects my perception of the world and increases outlook. Now I live in small southern town by the sea called Anapa. I am inspired by artists such as Voka, Francoise Nielly, Scott Naismith, David Brewster, Joseph Lee, Blu Smith.


Ural State Architectural - Art Academy

2018 - painting courses "fluid art technic by alcogol ink" at MATYASH Art House
2018 - painting courses fluid art technic "Alcogol ink 2.0" by Aleksandr Roschin
2018 - painting courses fluid art technic "Fluid epoxy resin" by Aleksandr Roschin


Participation in the third international exhibition "Portrait of a Cat", at the exhibition center of the Union of Artists in St. Petersburg. Dates from 8 to 25 October 2020


2018 - Participation in the RussianArtPark project "Havana / La Revolucion" in the city of Havana, Cuba.
2018 - Participation in a collective exhibition at the Artplay design center, Moscow;
2018 - Participation in the second international exhibition-festival "Portrait of a Cat" in St. Petersburg;
2017 -Participation in the collective Christmas exhibition at the Cercio Cromatico gallery in Genova, Italy;
2017 - Participation in the first international exhibition-festival "Portrait of a Cat" in St. Petersburg;
2017 - Participation in a collective exhibition "They are waiting for you" at the Yekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art;
2017 - Participation in the FAKTURA Design Market, Yekaterinburg;
2016 - Participation in the Art Fair ArtExpoSPb at LenExpo, St. Petersburg;
2015 - Personal exhibition at the "Oikos" decor center in Yekaterinburg;
2015 - Participation in the collective exhibition "Art Ekaterinburg";
2015 - Participation in the festival "MUCH" in Ekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art;
2014 - Participation in the Eurasian Festival of Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg;
2012 - Personal exhibition "Persona" in the House of Architects, Ekaterinburg;