Helena Chastel

Helena Chastel

Brooklyn, New York, NY, United States

About Helena Chastel

Helena Chastel creates sculpture that transforms metal into geometric forms and Platonic shapes. Working in steel, bronze and copper, Chastel fabricates objects that are informed by science, philosophy, mathematics, nature and antiquity. Using several techniques to transfer images onto metal of all scales, the artist imbues her forms with conceptual gravity, grounding them with steadfast formal value. In some of her series, Chastel builds up the surface of her objects with rich and vibrant colors on patinated copper plates, while exploring the Golden Ratio. For her new series, Chastel transfers images of mountain ranges onto metal to create Platonic shapes such as the Tetrahedron, the Dodecahedron and the Cube. Modular and multifaceted, each sculpture hums with bright splashes of color and divine geometry.


Master's in Mathematics, Brussels Belgium

Drawing and clay figures at the New York Sudio School
Figurative sculpture at the ASL
Bronze Casting at the Sculpture Center

Drawing at the Slade, London UK
Drawing at Heatherly's, London UK


2021 'Shape In All Its Forms', Site Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

2020 'Every Color Has a Story', Flagler County Art League Gallery, Palm Coast, FL

2019 'WATERLAND', NYA Gallery, New York, USA

2019 'Priority Mail: Our 2019 Mail Art Biennial', Ground Floor Gallery, New York

2018 ArtExpo NY, New York, USA

2017 Conrad New York, New York, USA

2017 Conrad New York, New York, USA

2016 Art San Diego, San Diego, USA

2016 Conrad New York ,New York, USA

2016 Tokyo International Fair, Tokyo, Japan

2016 ArtExpo 2016, New York USA

2015 Spectrum 2015, Miami USA

2015 ArtExpo 2015, New York USA

2014 ArtExpo 2014, New York, USA

2013 Spectrum 2013, New York, USA

2013 Artexpo 2013, New York, USA

2013 Artexpo 2013, New York, USA

2012 Contemporary Art Show, New York, USA

2001 Jadite Gallery, New York, USA

2001 NY Studio School, New York, USA

2000 Jadite Gallery, New York, USA

2000 Galeria R.G. Sevilla, Spain

1999 Galeria de Arte Haurie Sevilla, Spain

1999 Garuda Bangkok, Thailand

1999 Circulo de la Amistad Cordoba, Spain

1994 Quinn Gallery, New York, USA

1993 Cork Gallery, New York, USA

1992 Gallery Taghinia Milani, Miami, USA

1991 Galerie Elven Brussels, Belgium

1990 Furniture of the 20th Century, New York USA