Marita Tobner

Marita Tobner

Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

About Marita Tobner

Born 1961 in Ulm, Germany.

The basic theme of her painting is the love of life. In this way, snapshots are taken against the backdrop of collected experiences and experiences from everyday life, the banal and condense into stories. The works address the manifold aspects of human being, their essence and their relationships and ambivalences to and among each other. The environment, the image space can not simply be assigned to stereotypes, abstract and representational elements permeate the pictorial space and in this field of tension open the view to inner and outer experience.
A powerful color scheme, the use of various stylistic devices and techniques, as well as the dynamics of the graphics create new multi-layered stories with details that are hidden from others. The works are created serially in mixed media (acrylic, oil, wood or linocut, collage, painting and drawing).
Marita Tobner is a member of the art associations Neu-Ulm, Senden, Ulm Artists' Guild, [KUN:ST] International Leonberg and the Freie Künstlergruppe Ulm / Neu-Ulm.

Artprice Künstlergilde Ulm 2019, Germany
Certificate of excellence Palmart Award 2018, Leipzig, Germany


in watercolor painting and drawing by Clemens Etz
1990 - 1993 Courses in photography at Inge Schmatz
2005 -2012 Free painting at the Ulmer School of the artist guilds Ulm at Elke Traue, Vladimir Safronov and Georg Fenkl
2013 - 2017 Free painting at the Kunstakademie Esslingen at Angelika Hentschel
2014 Freie Malerei bei Prof. Albert Küppers
2016 - 2017 Free painting by Stephan Geisler
Freelance artist
Travel to Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.


2021 Red Dot Miami, USA
Intern. Artfair Endingen, Germany
Intern. Artfair Biennale Baden-Baden, Germany
2020 Swiss Artexpo Zürich, Swiss
Artfair New Art Dresden, Germany
2019 Artexpo New York, USA (with KUN:ST international Leonberg),
International Artfair Endingen, Germany
Swiss Artexpo Zürich, Swiss
2018 International Artfair MAG Montreux Art Gallery / Salon d'Art Contemporain, Swiss (with Gallery Alpha7, Weisweil, Germany)
International Artfair Art Endingen, Germany
International Artfair Lucca, Italy
International Artfair 17. Biennale Padua, Italy
International Artfair Umschlagplatz Coburg, Germany
International Artfair ARTe Sindelfingen, Germany


2021 Artprice Exhibition Grey Cube Gallery
Artpriceexhibition Galerie KUN:ST Quartier Leonberg, Germany
2020 LDXArtodrome Gallery Berlin, Germany
Galerie KUN:ST Quartier Leonberg, Germany
2019 Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg, Germany,
Künstlergilde Ulm, Germany,
Kunstverein Neu-Ulm, Germany Caponniere 4, Neu-Ulm, Germany 2018 LDXArtodrome Gallery Berlin, Germany
Galerie KUN:ST Quartier, Leonberg, Germany*
Galerie Kerstan im Galerienhaus Stuttgart, Germany
Stricoff Gallery New York, USA (with Artbox Gallery
Zürich, Swiss)*
Galerie der Künstlergilde Ulm, Germany*
Edwin-Scharff-Haus Kunstverein Neu-Ulm, Germany

2017 Anschnitt Galerie für Kunst & Design Dortmund,
Künstlergilde Ulm * Germany
Galerie der Künstlergilde Ulm, Germany
Kunstverein Neu-Ulm, Edwin-Scharff-Haus *,
Galerie van der Gang, Pappenheim, Germany
Galerie Forum Türk Nürtingen *

2016 Galerie Anschnitt-Atelier f. Kunst & Design
Dortmund, Germany
Kunstverein Neu-Ulm, Edwin-Scharff-Haus *,
Kunstverein Senden, Bürgerhaus *, Germany

2015 Kunstverein Neu-Ulm Edwin Scharff Haus *,
Caponniere Neu-Ulm (Kulturnacht Ulm/Neu-Ulm),
Kunstverein Senden Bürgerhaus*, Germany

2014 Business Center Ulm *, Germany
Galerie Künstlergilde Ulm *, Germany
Kunstverein Senden Bürgerhaus *, Germany

2013 Kulturzentrum Piove di Sacco, Italy *
Kunstverein Senden Bürgerhaus * , Germany

* juried exhibition