Martine DF

Martine DF

Leuven, Belgium

About Martine DF

architect MartineDF is a multidisciplinary artist. Her work can be catalogued into a CreativeLAB that intertwines various art disciplines.

Martine’s work evolves around truth-seeking. Her imaginative and inquisitive mind is layered with existentialism and perception. She is fascinated by sensory and cognitive perception, and how we perceive the visible and invisible world around us. The way we perceive is processed by the sensory input and by what we know, both resulting in how we interpret or believe is truth. She challenges these two processes through imagination and curiosity with the language of her background in the Arts and Science. Reality becomes somewhat transformed and distorted. Her visual work is characterised by a style that is colourful and vibrant, balanced by the graphical abstraction of lines, curves, geometry and patterns.

Martine strongly believes Art with a heart and soul is an instrument for an ambitious and infinite quest in finding ways to unfold, to reveal, and discover a little glimpse into life, the ‘real world’.
It’s a tool for scratching the surface, and peeling off layers to find the ‘absolute truth’, bit by bit. Art piece by art piece.


2017-2019: CVO VOLT, Leuven (BE): Diploma in Photography
1997-2002 Campus Sint-Lucas Brussel (KU Leuven) (BE): Masters of Architecture
2018/current audiovisual arts: Interactive Media, SLAC / Academie Beeldende & Audiovisuele Kunst, Leuven, Belgium
2018/current visual arts: Painting, SLAC / Academie Beeldende & Audiovisuele Kunst, Leuven
2017/2019 Diploma of Photography, Grafische Opleiding at CVO VOLT, Leuven
2017/2018 visual arts: Figure drawing, SLAC / Academie Beeldende & Audiovisuele Kunst, Leuven
2011 1st year Advanced Diploma of Photography, Photography Studies College (PSC), Melbourne, Australia
2002/2003 combined Bachelor year, Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL)
2002/2003 1st year Photography, analogue, SLAC / Academie Beeldende & Audiovisuele Kunst, Leuven
1999/2002 Master of Architecture (honours), Campus Sint-Lucas Brussel (KU Leuven), Brussels
2000 Bachelor Erasmus exchange student, semester, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU), The Netherlands
1997/1999 Bachelor of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas Brussel (KU Leuven), Brussels
1993/1997 visual arts, SLAC / Academie Beeldende & Audiovisuele Kunst, Leuven


Book: Distortion - Photographic Stories, and Moksha - A collection of Poems

Artist Markets:
2009, Melbourne (VIC, AU) i.e. Rose Street market, Substation market and Sunday market in Abbotsford, with photos, jewellery and product designs.


Exhibition | Solo
2018/2019 ‘Distortion | photographic stories’; Exporuimte Tweebronnen, Leuven (BE)
2011 ‘Lines of Wisdom’ and ‘Bark Shapes’; Rucker’s Hill café; Northcote, Melbourne (AU)

Exhibition | Group
2020/2021 paintings and mixed media; exhibition: Ecology after/beyond; SLAC / Academie Beeldende & Audiovisuele Kunst, Leuven (BE)
2019/2020 installation, film and photographs; paintings and sculpture; exhibitions: Oogst, Wanneer je het aanduidt is het weg, Proces; SLAC / Academie Beeldende & Audiovisuele Kunst, Leuven (BE)
2019 portfolio ‘Metatron’s cube’ – installation of photographs, sculptures and drawing; exhibitions: Buitenbeeld, Toonmoment Fotografie; CVO VOLT, Leuven (BE)
2018/2019 installation, film and photographs; paintings; exhibitions: Proces, Hidden, OPENdeur; SLAC, Leuven (BE)
2018/2019 photographs of ‘Abstract Forms’; sponsored by Axis Printing Solutions, CVO VOLT, Leuven (BE)
2018 watercolours of ‘Buildings I – XII’; HSP (irit); zaal ‘De haven’, Aarschot (BE)
2017/2018 sketches, sketchbook and paintings; exhibitions: LandShape, OPENdeur; SLAC, Leuven (BE)
2018 booklet of ‘Abstract Forms’, photographs; Toonmoment Fotografie; CVO VOLT, Leuven (BE)
2015 photographs; Poole Library; Dorchester Library; Bournemouth Library, Dorset (GB)
2014 photographs of architectural projects; Live, Work, Play; Winchester Discovery Centre, Winchester (GB)
2010 photo projections; Melbourne by Night; sponsored by City of Port Philip; Acland Street, St Kilda (AU)
2010 photographs; Through Your Eyes; CERES, Brunswick (AU)
2009 vendor at Artist Market with: photos, jewellery and product designs; The Rose Street Artists’ Market, Fitzroy; The Substation Market, Newport; Sunday Abbotsford Market (AU)
2005 postcard and digital art; Linden Postcard Show; Linden Centre of Contemporary Arts; St Kilda (AU)
2002 major project: ‘XYZ development of the Crucial as landscape mark’; opendeurdagen; Campus Sint-Lucas Brussel (KU Leuven) (BE)
2001 project: ‘DOELstelling – Amphibian modular Living’; opendeurdagen; Campus Sint-Lucas Brussel (BE) > selected for workshop ILAUD, Venice (IT)
2002 project: ‘The poetic Line’ boat house; opendeurdagen; Campus Sint-Lucas Brussel (BE)