Mati Russo

Mati Russo

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Mati Russo

My work is a reflection of my life as it is affected by events, both personal and global. Sometimes it mirrors the joy that life has brought me, or it may be a shadow of the angst that sometimes shrouds our everyday lives.
Whatever the inspiration, each work evolves in its own unique way, whether starting as a field of color, a grid of plaster or a shield of images and found objects.
The journey to completion is a metamorphosis,sometimes slow, sometimes quickly, until the final image of the thought or emotion I am endeavoring to communicate reveals itself to me."
As my art envelops me and images rise, I am drawn in by textures and emotions; memories both beautiful and haunting. New images ascend from my subconscious, declaring themselves upon the canvas as I begin to fade away.
Moving to Los Angeles and leaving everything in my life in New York I was lost and lonely in my life. I was searching for forgiveness, but realized I had to forgive myself first. Empathy began to be the medium in my painting. I developed a relationship with my newfound transparent friends. We both felt invisible. As I began to immerge, invisible images and monsters began to emerge.
Mati Russo


Awarded “WOMAN OF THE YEAR FINE ART” 2020 by the Latino Art Museum

The Latino Art Museum 2017 to present

Neutra Institute Museum (Los Angeles)
"The Neutra Contemporary" 2017

"A.Cordici" Men's Polo ERICE (Trapani)Italy
Contemporary Art Exhibition
#MagnetikZone international art project
The only featured American artist 2017

Neutra Institute Museum (Los Angeles)
"Dulcepallozo" 2017

Neutra Institute Museum (Los Angeles)
"A pre-existing condition" group show 2017

Neutra Institute Museum (Los Angeles)
"The Immigrant Artist Show" 2017

Featured artist "Kahlo Collective" 2017

Neutra Institute Museum (Los Angeles ) El Festival de Flores group show 2017

Neutra Institute Museum (Los Angeles)
Solo Show " Emancipation of Mat Russo" 2017

South Bay Contemporary Museum ( Los Angeles) 2017

Sotheby’s (Pasadena CA) 18 works on display (Pasadena CA) 2014-present

Transmission Gallery (Oakland CA) 10 year retrospective of abstract art 2015

Townley Gallery (Laguna Beach CA) 2011-present

Studio 26 (New York NY) 2014

Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art (Laguna Beach CA) 2011-2013

Berliner Liste (Berlin Germany) 2013

Studio 26 (New York NY) 2013

Saatchi Art (on line) featured artist-works inspired by Jackson Pollack 2014

Baja Art (on line art magazine) featured artist 2013-2014

Saatchi Art (on line) featured artist-works inspired by Jean Michelle Basquiat 2014

Laguna (on line) 2011-present

NewYork (on line) 2013-present

Art Slant Galleries (on Line) 2011-present

Newport Beach Art Fair (Newport Beach CA) 2012

Nova Gallery (Pasadena CA) 2010