Meggy Bernhardt

Meggy Bernhardt

Purda, Warmia And Mazury, Poland

About Meggy Bernhardt

Why painting? Because I got fed up with waiting for the projects to be completed in the workshop. I have been designing commercial artefacts for years- lamps, furniture, interiors, even architecture- not by myself but in duet with Wojtek- my husband, father of our children, business partner and buddy in sport and tipple; namely, the co-author of everything that has been created in Manufactura 69. So I started to look around for a new venue for my pent up emotions, for an opportunity to do something that would be an independent act, free of any influence exerted by anyone and anything.
Years ago, I used to make clothes of my own design- sweaters, dresses, any article of clothing that could be made out of knitted wool. And lo and behold, I had had a very similar experience- as long as I was able to design and make the things myself I was happy and fulfilled, but the moment my designs were produced by my employees and I got stuck dealing with supplies, production coordination and sales I felt boxed in and had to run away. And now the past came to haunt me. Galery69 is a fruit of our artistic endeavours but I have become its administrator leaving my artistic inspirations further and further behind. It has dawned on me that fulfillment is solely obtainable only if I turn my thoughts into tangible things using my own hands.
Having been the other part of Manufactura69 duet for many years, I am delighted to have something for myself only. No more questions about how it feels to design together, no more queries whether this stroke is mine or Wojtek’s – not that it has ever bothered me because as we designed we literarily passed one pencil from hand to hand, so the inquiry was immaterial, but if one can be given a piece of canvas for oneself only, then it is time to fly solo. Why Bernhardt? Because it is my family name, and since in the wide, wide world no one can say ‘Małgorzata”, simply call me Meggy.


economist and financier
Painter - self taught


own showroom and gallery - Galery69, Poland