mihail blinov

mihail blinov

ufa, respublika bashkortastan, Russia

About mihail blinov

In Mikhail Blinov’s painting there are visible echoes of surrealism - avant-garde art, characterized by a paradoxical combination of forms and images. Author’s painting express specific private things, interesting with its mystery and unbeaten track. Often in his paintings we see some crazy world that resembles reality only with a set of depicted objects / expressing subconscious or supernatural. Mikhail’s art attracts with freedom of expression and its rebelliousness. Often it scares with grotesque and absurd. Pictures of people and animals combine beautiful and repulsive, remoteness from the real world. Soulless objects - forms of civilization, such as the bomb, make an eerie impression, make you paranoid.
In 2014, according to the newspaper "The Art Newspaper Russia" was included in the list of one hundred promising young Russian artists.
2017-InArt ,Russia Top 100 Young Artist


Mikhail Blinov. Born in 1986 in Ufa, Russia.
Graduated from the Ufa School of Arts (2001-2006) and the Ufa state Academy of Arts (2006-2012).


2021-Vostochnaya Gallery,Art Moscow Fair,Moscow
2021-Bizon Gallery,group exhibition,Kazan

2021-Art Russia,art fair,Askeri Gallery,Moscow
2020-Vostochnaya Gallery-solo exhibition-Sunrise,Moscow
2019-Vostochnaya Gallery,group exhibition-All about the same,Moscow

2019--Vostochnaya Gallery,solo exhibition-Confusion,Moscow

2018-Vostochnaya Gallery,solo exhibition Mercy,Moscow
2018-Van Der Plaas Gallery,group exhibition,New-York
2017- Askeri Gallery,solo exhibition
2015 - solo exhibition "Atmospheric pressure", Vostochnaya gallery, Moscow, Russia

2015 - group exhibition of Russian Realism, Museum of Revolution, Moscow

2013 - solo exhibition "Doppping", Vostochnaya gallery, Moscow, Russia

2013 - group exhibition of Russian Realism, Central house of artists, Moscow

2013 - group exhibition "Art Moscow", Central house of artist, Moscow, Russia

2013 - group exhibition "How are you doing?!", Vostochnaya gallery, Moscow, Russia

2012 - group exhibition "Art Moscow", Central house of artist, Moscow, Russia

2012 - solo exhibition "The wrong lane", Vostochnaya gallery, Moscow, Russia