Moscow, Moscow, Russia

About Alexander MIKHALEFF

Contemporary artist.

The main style is Abstractionism.

I experiment in such areas as Abstract Expressionism

The creative goal is to develop the ability to unconsciously convey an image in an expressive manner.

Born on Sakhalin Island in 1982.

In 2005, he graduated from the Maikop Institute of Technology.
2006. Military service in BRIEF.
2008. Moved to Moscow, completed courses in Web design.

2008-2014 Main profession-Internet marketer.

2014-2018 Internet entrepreneur.

2018 to the present - I devote all my time to creative work, the study of modern styles in painting, as well as the study of the art market.

Since 2018, after a series of events and insights, I decide to start my career as an artist. After that, an active artistic work begins, the first sales and the search for yourself.

My works are in private collections in the USA and Russia.
I am not limited to the foundation of the theory.
I always ignore the rules, and check them in reality.

There is a lot of selfishness in my paintings, I try to portray my own-the best art is to give people the opportunity to immerse themselves in the object as much as possible. An artistic object gives a person the opportunity to immerse themselves in themselves, the object sets the rules, the rules form the flight of thought of the imagination, creating images and moods in the subconscious of a person.

Art changes over time, as people change, their consciousness and subconsciousness change, and we are constantly moving towards futurism. Futurism comes every day, but we do not notice it, someone lives in the past, someone lives in the future, someone tries to live in the present.

Therefore, modern art will always be only in the present. But to consider it, you need some time... to see, analyze, evaluate. Therefore, the recognition of art will always be delayed.

I create paintings in such styles as abstractionism, surrealism, and geometricism. All these styles can sometimes be intertwined in one work. But the main thing in my work is to convey the mood and generate a stream of information in your head.

A good abstract picture will always make you” think " and then you will be able to get answers to your questions. I believe that abstract and surreal paintings attract the eyes of modern people because they allow the viewer to "think", the plot does not distract, its task is to immerse him in a state in which the observer can engage in introspection, go into the mode of awareness.


Artistic self-education.


2021.01. – 2021.05- K35space Gallery.

2021.02. -2021.03-Shakhovskaya Museum of Local History. Solo exhibition-debut "Time Loop".