Miriam Montenegro

Miriam Montenegro

Vallendar, Germany

About Miriam Montenegro

Miriam Montenegro is an internationally recognized artist based in Germany on the Rhine. Vibrant colours, evocative light and powerful compositions characterize her paintings. Like the french impressionists she catches the light of the moment, she goes out with canvas and easel, paints in front of the subject and presents interpretations of perceived moments.

Her work is characterized by generous, clear forms and simple but effective drawing. The arrangements are dynamic and balanced and put emphasis on vital, exciting colour mixes.

The artist reduces the subject to the essential and lets it end in colour and form, figurative and abstract painting is proportioned very well.

The paint is applied in coats, subtly letting shine through coat by coat. Cubic light and shadow effects emerge. The picture metamorphoses again and again until the result is obtained.

The subjects are mostly ordinary, not attracting attention at first sight. It is about aestethics of the subjects as such.

Her style is equally emotion and reason-oriented.


Miriam Montenegro was born in 1968 in Koblenz, Germany. Her love for languages and creative work took her first to Florence, Italy where she finished fashion design studies. She continued studying Romance Philology at the University of Mainz, Germany and Dijon, France.
For over 25 years she worked as a fashion designer in the button and accessory industry as well as a painter.


1992: town hall Vallendar (Germany)

1993: Galerie Gaston Gérard, Dijon (France)
Galerie Kolbe, Urbar (Germany)
art collections city of Limburg (Germany)

1994: Hôtel de Savigny, Provins (France)

1995: Galerie Ambiente und Kunst, Vallendar (Germany)
Haus Metternich, Koblenz (Germany)

1996: district museum Neuwied (Germany)

1998: district museum Neuwied (Germany)

1999: Galleria La Meridiana, Piacenza (Italy)

2000: Westfries Museum, Hoorn (Netherlands)
MVB Galerie, Mainz art association Eisenturm (Germany)
Kunst und Museum, Hollfeld (Germany)

2004: Altes Arresthaus, Mayen (Germany)

2006: Nassau-Sporkenburger-Hof, Lahnstein (Germany)
Yzeure, chateau de Panloup (France)

2007: Galerie Schmuck Concept, Vallendar (Germany)

2008: Galerie Wutzke, Koblenz (Germany)

2010: Rheinisches Eisenkunstguss-Museum, Bendorf-Sayn (Germany)

"Farbe bekennen", Städtische Bühne, Nassau-Sporkenburger-Hof, Lahnstein, Germany

"Elemente", Rheinisches Eisenkunstguss-Museum, Schloß Sayn, Bendorf-Sayn, Germany

Städtische Bühne, Nassau-Sporkenburger-Hof, Lahnstein, Germany

"Bilderwelten", Sädtische Bühne, Nassau-Sporkenburger-Hof Lahnstein, Germany

Stommel Stiftung, Urbar, Germany

"HEIMAT - EIN ORT - EIN GEFÜHL", Weinambiente, Bendorf, Germany

"SPECTRUM SPECTRAL", Städtische Bühne, Nassau-Sporkenburger-Hof, Lahnstein, Germany

Galerie Im Burggrafiat, Alzey, Germany

10. Kunsttage Ehrenbreitstein, Germany

11. Kunsttage Ehrenbreitstein / Ari's Galerie - Ehrenbreitstein, Germany

Ehrenbreitsteiner Kulturtage, Ehrenbreitstein, Germany