Misako Chida

Misako Chida

Dalian, Liaoning, China

About Misako Chida

Misako Chida
Nationality: Japan
Birthplace: Yokohama, Japan
Email: misakochida@163.com (*For a purchase offer, please directly contact Saatchi Art. Thank you. :))

Born in 1972, in Yokohama, Japan, she started painting on her own at the age of 30. Since 1999, she has been living in Dalian, China, where she has been participating in various art competitions and exhibitions and happily painting every day in her studio.

Over the years, she has painted many landscapes, women, religious figures, flowers, and more. Her current passion in art is to create more of her modern abstract works, in which she mainly focuses on expressing the sense of flow and purity of colors. It is her devotion and happiness to keep creating new artworks in continuous experiments and bring joy and pleasure to the viewers through her art.

Saatchiart: https://www.saatchiart.com/misakochida
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.jp/misakochida/
Her article in JaamZIN Creative: https://www.jaamzin.com/post/painter-misako-chida


Graduated from Marymount College at Palos Verdes, California, USA


2004 Dalian International Exhibition of Modern Art, Oil Paintings at Jiayi Gallery
2005 Group Exhibition “Passion for Life” at Jiayi Gallery
2008 Solo Art Show “Angel’s Wings” at Yingge Restaurant
2008 Group Art Exhibition “Performance 8” in Tianjingjie
2010 China International Gallery Exposition in Beijing
2014 Female Artists' Exhibition at Heshi Art Museum
2014 Story of Flower Blossoms ~Love~ The Duo Art Show of Li Zhien and Misako Chida at Heshi Art Museum
2014 Motexiaoying 8+1 The 7th Art Show in Dalian
2016 Duo Art Show of Misako Chida and Li Zhien “Eastern Spirit” at Xicang Art Space
2016 The 4th Nominated Young Artists in Asia Exhibition at Bird’s Nest Culture Center
2017 《Xicang 2017》Tongming Group Art Show at Xicang Art Space
2018 The 1st Powerlong Excellent Art Works Award Show at Shanghai Powerlong Art Center
2018 ArtArk 2018 Summer Beijing Art Fair at Beijing Spring Art Museum
2018 Hanzhou Powerlong Art Center Art Fair at Hanzhou Powerlong Art Center
2018 The 1st Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen 2018 at Red Cube Public Art Museum and Dafen Art Museum
2019 The 20th Dalian Art Exhibition at Xinghai Exhibition Center
2019 “Jinri Riben (Japan Today)” Powerlong Art Award at Shanghai Powerlong Art Center
2020 Her works published in JaamZIN Creative: https://www.jaamzin.com/post/painter-misako-chida

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