Oliver Fauser

Oliver Fauser

Black Forest, Germany

About Oliver Fauser

Contact me here: moonland3@aol.com.

I advice you to visit my website www.fauserpaints.com
just because you get a better impression of my art work. It ain't flat, it's kinda 3-D-ish. On the website you can see my works from different angles and really find out, what it's all about. Thank you

Born in July 1965 in Loerrach (Baden) near the Black Forest and next to Basel, Switzerland. Single father of two sons, now grown up. Lived in New York, Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, Milan between 1987 - 1995. Toured Europe with Musicals after that. Based in Hamburg, then Cologne. Worked for TV and am the singer/ songwriter of "The Moonchildren". Back in the Black Forest now. Active member of the art scene in Basel.
CD-Release: Feel, The Moonchildren. Art&Music-Box Deluxe.

Currently writing the 2nd Novel: "Der Strand"


1983 - 1986: Graphic-Design, Freiburg, Germany


Throughout 2019: Traveling the world with EMP Gallery Tokyo: San Diego, Bali, Amsterdam , Vancouver

June 28th - July 21st 2019: DNArt2019,
Group-Exhibition, Kulturfabrik der Stadt Schopfheim, Germany (artist and curator)

April - June 2019: EMP Gallery Tokyo

--- Exhibitions with Galerie Zum Harnisch Switzerland from 2013/2014 - 2018 ---

November 10th - December 22nd 2018:
Galerie Zum Harnisch Switzerland @ Swart Gallery, Basel, Mixed Art 11

December 5th - December 9th 2018:
Spectrum Miami with EMP Gallery Tokyo, Booth 317

September 2018: Art International Zürich, Switzerland

June 2018: Swart Gallery, Basel

October 2017 - January 2018:
Gallery Piazza, Allschwil, Switzerland

September 2017: Art International Zürich, Switzerland

June 2017: Paint Basel Stücki, Switzerland

April 2017: Basel Art Center, Mixed Art 8, Switzerland

December 2016: Basel Art Center, Mixed Art 7, Switzerland

September/October 2016: Art International Zürich, Switzerland

September 2016: Basel Art Center, Mixed Art 6, Switzerland

June 2016: Rhy Art Fair International Basel, Switzerland

May 2016: Galerie zum Harnisch, Allschwil, Switzerland

January 2016 : Hotel Radisson Blu Basel, Switzerland

October 2015: Art International Zürich, Switzerland

August 2015: Basel Art Center, Mixed Art 5, Switzerland

June 2015: SCOPE Basel und Rhy Art Fair mit Galerie Zum Harnisch, Switzerland

April 2015: Galerie Monfregola Riehen, Switzerland

March 2015: Basel Art Center, Mixed Art 4, Switzerland

November 2014: Basel Art Center Mixed Art 3, Switzerland

May 23rd - July 6th 2014: BNArt Group-Exhibition
Kulturfabrik der Stadt Schopfheim, Germany
Oliver Fauser, Philipp Felle, Priska Medam, Sandra Poncioni-Candappa

Scope Basel! With Galerie zum Harnisch
Basel 2014 | June 17 - 22

- - - Past Exhibitions - - -
March 21st - March 23rd 2014:
Group-Exhibition at Basel Art Center

September - December 2013:
My Place - Art Beauté in Basel, Switzerland

April 2013 - January 2014 Kandern, Germany

November 2013: Three-Day-Group-Exhibition at Basel Art Center

August 2013: One-Day-Group-Exhibition at Galerie Zum Harnisch, Allschwil, Switzerland

September - October 2011: El Mundo Basel, Switzerland

June - September 2010: Altes Wasserwerk Lörrach, Germany

October 2009 - March 2010: Weil am Rhein, Germany

March - May 2009: Kulturfabrik der Stadt Schopfheim, Germany

March - May 2008: Wieden, Germany

September - October 2007: Zell im Wiesental and Schopfheim, Germany

October - November 2006: Cologne, Germany