Mo Negm

Mo Negm

Slough, United Kingdom

About Mo Negm

My art is inspired by identity, socio-political events, and engaging with new experiences. As a young artist of Arab heritage, many natural inspirations add to the western influence I can draw on, through my lens as a British Egyptian.

I find expression through my background, as an Egyptian, which offers many experiences to inform my art, and to encounter and challenge my identity through contemplation of issues. I enjoy the element of discovery when painting, experimenting with techniques, and sometimes giving the paint freedom to choose its own paths.

In recent years, I have felt impassioned throughout the seismic changes in Egypt and the Middle East, and my art has served to document my feelings, painting many pictures drawn from my emotive response.

BBC World News requested to interview me about my Egypt inspired paintings (with a montage as the studio background); to attempt to represent the feelings of British Egyptians, was a humbling experience. Saatchi Gallery Online twice selected a painting of mine, inspired by Egypt, “Albena 3ala Masr” (“Our Heart is with Egypt”) and “Korsi – Chair, after Van Gogh 1888”, for online collections, chosen by their Head Curator and Gallery Director.

الاسم :محمد نجم (مو ستار ارت) ان الفن مستوحي من هويتي والتعامل مع خبرات جديدة مستوحاة من الطبيعة إضافة الي الخبرة الغربية .
وحيث أنني شاب بريطاني المنشأ من اصول عربيةفاني من خلال خلفيتي الشرق أوسطية اجد التعبير والتفكير والاستمتاع بعنصر الاكتشاف خلال لوحاتي وتجربة التقنيات وإعطاء الطلاء حرية لاختيارات مساراتي الخاصة.ولقد أجريت لي قناة بي بي سي لأخبار العالم مقابلة خاصة حول الإلهام والوحي المصري في لوحاتي .ومن المهم هو استحضار الشعور بالأحداث والمواضيع القريبة الي قلبي في لوحاتي واني اعرض لوحاتي الفنية في العديد من المعارض في لندن وجميع أنحاء المملكة المتحدة وكذلك في مصر.


Self taught artist, I haven't gone down the conventional art school route - so I am always discovering as my journey moves along.


2019 - "Picture Fragments", Solo Exhibition, The Curve -Cultural Centre, Berks, UK.

- Open Studios, Prime, Windsor, UK.

2018 - "Selfie", Candid Arts Trust, London, UK.

- "Liminality", The Locale - Cass, Glasgow, UK.

- Prime, Lemonade Gallery, Windsor, UK.

- Open Studios, Prime, Windsor, UK.

2017 – "Diaspora" - p21 Gallery, London, UK (tbc).

2016 - "Emotive Memories" Solo Exhibition (curated by Arts Canteen) - Rich Mix Gallery, Shoreditch, London.
- "The Key", Caravan - Nile Gallery, Cairo. Travelling exhibition to London and New York in 2016.

2015 – "Like" - ArtSpace, London (Emergeast exhibition).
– "Where Have You Been" - Core@Nolias gallery, London.

2014 – Faites Vos Jeux – Espacio Gallery, London

2013 – "Crossways / Al Multaqa" at Nour Festival of Arts - Leighton House Museum, London
– An Exhibition Dedicated to The Children of Egypt - Egyptian Cultural Centre, London
– Arab Youth Symposium – The Iraqi Cultural Centre, London
– Kaleidoscope – Espacio Gallery, London

2012 – Digital Sizzle - Whitechapel Gallery, London
– Dahab International Art Festival – Underwater Artists
– Amnesty International, Human Rights Revolution – Trafalgar Square Live Public Painting
– Music for Children – The Tabernacle, Notting Hill, London
– Eclectica – Espacio Gallery, London
– Transformations – Espacio Gallery, London

2011 – Urban Dialogues – Red Gallery, Shoreditch, London. Artist's talk also.
– Dulux ‘Let’s Colour’, Live public painting and exhibition, Westfield, London
– Cuts – University of London Night of the Arts
– Ideas Bank, Slough

2010 – Relay – Core Gallery, Deptford London
– Opening Night – Hatch Space Gallery, Deptford London
– Barriers and Bridges - Candid Arts Gallery, London (forthcoming late November)
– Ideas Bank, Slough. Artist’s Talk also
– Draw a Smile for a Child, City of London School Theatre

2009 – Artifice – at Bash, Shoreditch London
– Walou 09, Exhibition and Auction - at Blackhall Studios, Shoreditch London
– Ideas Bank, Slough. Artist’s Talk also
– Muju Upstarts Festival – Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn London
– Colours of Asia, auction towards humanitarian aid - Mayfair Hotel, London
– Art of Arabia - Queen Mary's University Art Exhibition, London

2008 – Kensington Olympia Expo, Young British Muslim Artists - London
– Walou 08, Exhibition and Auction – Islington Arts Factory, London
– Emerald 50 – Empress State Building, Earls Court London

2007 – Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, Paintings on the railings
– Merchant Square – Glasgow

Residencies: Selected for an International Residency at Elsahara in Egypt (late 2012).

Press and Publications:
2013 – BBC World News, featured Interview live on "Impact" (see home page for link).
2012 – Aslan Media, featured Interview piece (
2012 – Ahram Online, featured Interview piece
2011 – Art of England Magazine (Nov), Bikya Masr (Nov), Arab News (Nov)
2010 – Emel Magazine, November issue
2009 – "City of Minarets II" voted (by the Scottish public) for the SFI's 2010 Calendar
2009 – mo*star art featured on the Channel 4 series, Revelations