Mychaelyn Michalec

Mychaelyn Michalec

Dayton, OH, United States

About Mychaelyn Michalec

My work depicts ultramodern matters of domestic life. Documenting life covertly, I use my phone’s camera to capture our relationships with each other and daily life. Technology has become a part of our relationships. It influences how we interact with one another, where our attention lies, how our bodies are bent, and how we communicate. There is a palpable sense of longing and at times frustration that I try to capture with my photos. Attention is divided. When you connect to some things, you disconnect from others, those choices shape our lives.

Similarly, technology has influenced our depiction of domestic life. Social media has idealized family life, but I try to illustrate moments of both simultaneous disconnect and connections. In an era of curated Facebook feeds highlighting the best in family life, there is a saccharine image of family life at odds with the distraction of the digital age. It was the artist Fairfield Porter who said, “Love is paying attention”. His work was always about attending to the experience of looking. This is what I consider while viewing my own home life through the screen of the phone, framing up those moments first through a 3 x 5 inch screen and then through my drawings and paintings.


Bachelors of Fine Art with Distinction, Painting and Drawing, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Bachelors of Art, History of Art, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Masters of Library and Information Science, The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS