Nancy Schall

Nancy Schall

Philadelphia, United States

About Nancy Schall

Nancy Schall was born in Pennsylvania and received a degree in art from
Pennsylvania State University . After a successful career in Europe in the
fashion industry, she returned to New York City. Nancy resumed painting and
mixed media art and is now a commissioned artist for private clients, hospitality, and corporations,The large scale paintings are conceptual, abstract and textural in nature. Her mixed media is
graphic, architectural colorblocks.


The paintings are informed by my passion for dance music.

The beats and rhythms inspire and drive the formation of shapes and suggest fluidity as the work progresses. Some genres of dance music create color blocks of strong vibrant shapes and linear configurations that imply dance movement. Other rhythms increase the layering of paint. The music drives the textural application of the palette knife or brush in a visceral plane.
There are many influences that I draw from, and each piece develops a choreography of its own.


Solo Shows
AXD Gallery Phila, Pa July 2009
Group Shows
ceres gallery nyc july 2008
Ceres Gallery NYC December 2007
Art Gotham Gallery NYC,November 2007
Ceres Gallery NYC , July 2007
Art Gotham Gallery NYC April 2007
Art Gotham Gallery NYC,March 2006
Art Gotham Gallery NYC March 2006
Art Gotham GalleryNYC February 2006
Art Gotham Gallery NYC Dec 2005
Art Gotham GalleryNYC, October 2005,


Future Shows: AXD Gallery Phila, Pa Sept 2011