Natalie Minyu Li

Natalie Minyu Li

BROOKLYN, NY, United States

About Natalie Minyu Li

Natalie Minyu Li's whimsical oil and pastel paintings appeal to the simplicity of our younger years and question the ways in which our emergence into “adulthood” has altered our values and our ways of finding happiness. By placing playful characters in dialogue with imagery reminiscent of children's stories, she prompts examination of the evolution of our choices as active participants in the "grown-up world" routinely confronted with temptations of money and power.

Natalie grew up in both a privileged, multilingual circle of a large financial city in China and a working class, conservative community in the Bible Belt south of the United States. These experiences led to her struggles of self-identity and as a result, fueled her linguistic and artistic pursuits. She discovered that children’s stories, in particular, possess the power to transcend cultural boundaries and unite humanity with the right blend of visual and literary magic. This led to her childlike artistic style and point of view. She has been drawing and painting since childhood, but has chosen to pursue quantitative disciplines academically and professionally. Most notably, she took on a leadership role in helping hedge funds reach an $18 billion debt deal in the Puerto Rico bankruptcy when she worked in finance.


B.A. New York University, 2016


2020 SOHO Art Walks - Moussy - 10/20 - New York, NY

2020 Neighborhood Curbside Canvas Project - Homemade by Miriam - 9/20 - New York, NY


2021 Superfine! Art Fair NYC (Wo)man - 408 Broadway - 5/21 - New York, NY

2021 Superfine! Art Fair LA - Magic Box LA - 2/21 - Los Angeles, LA

2020 One Art Space Gallery -“Art is the Cure” - Group Show - 10/20 - New York, NY