Jonas Nemeth

Jonas Nemeth

Rydebäck, Skåne, Sweden

About Jonas Nemeth

What is art, and what purpose as well as function does it serve for people?

For me. Art confirms the best aspects of humanity. Aspects such as: faith, love, beauty, and even suffering. Art is a spiritual awakening. A metaphysical encounter attempting to explain and make sense of the world. I want to illustrate this encounter. An encounter where we all depend on one another, where my paintings mirror all life’s purpose.

My life has not always been easy, and I have experiencend many of the hardships and challenges life can throw at you, all of which I try to mirror with art. The purpose is to share these experiences in both time and space and in return, invite the audience to share their experiences with mine. Thus creating a bridge between us through my art.

Born 1975. Lives and works in Helsingborg and Stockholm. Has worked with artistic creation since childhood. Painting, film and writing have always been a part of my life. In recent years, my interest in painting has taken over and become something of a must in my life. Mostly, I use oil but I love to experiment with new techniques and materials. All the paintings are unique and they vary from abstract to realistic subjects. I take my inspiration from writers, artists and filmmakers like Dante Alighieri, Tomas Tranströmer, Francis Bacon, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Vittorio De Sica and Ingmar Bergman.

I want to interpret and communicate a specific feeling in my art which is influenced by my background in film, my writing and my studies in the subject of history, a mixture that is reflected in my art. I want the onlooker to ask questions about the art such as what happened before or after? Why is the character positioned that way? What is the person thinking about and why are they in that situation?

Exhibits include Autoconstruction Berlin (2016), The Other Art Fair London (2017), Spring Art - Solo exhibition Helsingborg (2017), Biennale Florence (2017), The Other Art Fair Brooklyn 2018). Artist of the day Saatchi Art, Artist featured in a collection Saatchi Art.


2015: Principal Education, Umeå University
2012: Teaching for Understanding, Harvard University
2002-2004: History, Lunds University
1995-1997: Film & directing, Stockholm
1994-1995: Film science, Halmstad


2016 Autoconstruction, Berlin
2017 The Other Art Fair, London
2017 Spring Art - Solo exhibition, Helsingborg
2017 Biennale, Florence
2018 The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, New York
2018 Aspects of humanity - Solo Exibition, Kulturhotellet, Helsingborg
2019 Vår salong, HD - Helsingborg
2021 Vår salong, HD - Helsingborg