Nikolai Jelneronov

Nikolai Jelneronov

Brooklyn, United States

About Nikolai Jelneronov

Art is that spot of trampled grass on a warrior camp. When you look at it, you know for sure that there was love, there was power...

I am not a painter, but rather a mystic.
Many years ago I discovered within myself an unusual psychic ability. I found that I could influence the material media and form it into gestalts (integral structures). I was fascinated and absorbed by this discovery, as this is a highly unusual experience that always brings unexpected results. I began to study and use this ability by creating drawings and paintings.
In creating art, I do not employ techniques, tricks, or habits. I never practice, as practicing is aimed at developing a habit. I do not imagine a desired, either, as imagination is a product of memory. Instead, my work is a dance. It is a free play, where I dance in the present with no reflection of the past. It is like а jazz improvisation. In my case, the Spirit offers and intensifies the shapes. My spontaneous actions bear energy that gets crystallized in the material miraculously and mysteriously.
As you study my works, you will notice that they are all assembled integrally: they are blocks, castings, and worlds.

By now I have collected more than fifty videos of my creative process on YouTube.

As an artist, I am constantly searching for opportunities to display my work and generally gain wider exposure, so all serious offers from art dealers, sponsors and such are welcome.