Nina Minnebo

Nina Minnebo

Gooik, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium

About Nina Minnebo

Nina is a Belgium based artist who studied Graphic Arts at the Luca School of Arts in Brussels. She grew up between Brussels, Kester (a lovely little place in the countryside) and Ghent.

By mixing different techniques she produces a bold and colorful visual language. Often using acryl, ink, watercolour & pencils.


Studied Graphic Design at Luka School of Arts in Brussels, Belgium.



Artist Residency Shenzhen


Upcoming - SEPTEMBER 2021 - Soloshow Hangtough Gallery, Dublin

Upcoming - JUNE 2021 - Duoshow Artcan Gallery, Paris

SEPTEMBER 2020 - Mural Zomerfabriek, Antwerp

FEBRUARY 2020 - Featured Artist & Soloshow The Bicester Village, Maasmechelen

OCTOBER 2019 - Soloshow "I'm Blue (Da be Dee Da Be Da) Bruges at Thomas Serruys Galerie.

JUNE 2019 - Artist Residency Bermuda

APRIL 2019 - Soloshow "The Remedy is Pink" Alley Gallery Hasselt Belgium

MARCH 2019 - Featured artist - Installation Affordable Art Fair Brussels 2019

MARCH 2018 - Soloshow 'No f*cking Clue'

OCTOBER 2017 - La Délicieuse - We Are Artists Octobre 2017

OCTOBER 2017 - Zin in kunst Tentoonstelling - Gooik

MAY 2017 - 'La Surprenante' We Are Artists Quatrième édition Grand Place Bruxelles