Nina Urlichs

Nina Urlichs

Paris, Paris, France

About Nina Urlichs

Her experience working with the “new figuration” movement in Germany opened her to the sensitivity and expression found within the gestures of the human body. Finding inspiration in dance and theater, Nina has created her own visual language of abstract calligraphy in order to capture the expressive nature of the human figure. Her work is based on the philosophy of a perpetual life cycle, characterized by an incessant appearance and disappearance. For this reason, faded traces of paintings, destroyed collages, and washed out colors on transparent canvas or paper are heavily used within her artworks. The lightness of these materials matches perfectly in her search of light and depth creation within the layers. Through the creation process she explores the relationship between the intimate universe and the human body.


Shortly upon graduating with a degree in fashion design, she turned toward the visual arts as a more appropriate means through which to continue and strengthen her research in body expressions. After following differnt workshops and studies of Art in Paris, Hambourg and Salzbourg she startet her caréer as an independent artist in 1998;

Hometown: Nürnberg, Germany
lives and works: between Paris, France and
Nürnberg, Germany
education: 1992 graduation in fashion design
1993 - 95 studies in beaux art Paris

Gallery Representation:
Gallerie 23 Austria, Galerie Subenko Berlin
Permanent Puplic Collections:
Center of arts Nyungden, China
Muséum of arts, Härnosand , Svedom
Muséum of arts Mokpo, Southcorea


Nina Urlichs: 2015 and 2016 she completed artist residencies in Chengdu, China and 59 Rivoli in Paris, respectively. She was awarded into the séléction of the artprize NN in Germany 2016 as divers awards in France (Lefran&Bourgois 1997, Prix David Weill 1998; Fondation Feneon 1998) She has been published in theAnnuaire OFF, and Artscene magazine in France 20015; In 2018 She has been the curator of Biowomen 11, an international art exhibition for the 8th march, day of women. Also the co-organise and curates the Europeen Biennale d’art of Blanc Manteaux, Paris - France since 2006 and "100 titres" international exhibition in Paris and Berlin since 2017


Next exhibitions in 2020 will be at the Inselgalerie in Berlin (25 june) and in september in Vienna, Austria (H2O2, Wasserturm) as another participation in Berlin (100 titels) Germany. And the annual exhibtion "100 titres" in Paris, France. In the past, she has had an solo show In Brussel, Belgium and in Berlin (2019), in the Chateau de Nymphenburg, Munich in 2017 and in the Gallery Passeart in Troyes, France. Since 2012 she follows regulary different Artfairs in Munich, Frankfurth, London and Paris. Nina Urlichs currently lives and works between her hometown in Germany and her studio in Paris.