Nadezda Voinova

Nadezda Voinova

Moscow, Moscow, Russia

About Nadezda Voinova

Born in 1959 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia.

«The more you are getting acquainted with pieces of art by the Russian graphic artist Nadezhda Voynova the more you are receiving an idea that the artist creates quite new intellectually artistic way of expression. This comprises a selection of unusual ideograms, drawings carrying a specific sense corresponding totally to certain author’s ideas.

At the first glance this is close to minimalism but after a more profound look one can see the traces of Toshusai Sharaku and Katsushika Hokusai and the influence of cubism and post- impresionists effecting the author of ideas.

Ok, that’s about the style, as to the sense values of Nadezhda Voynova’ s art pieces it certainly opens a road to the utmost incredible fantasies!

A lot of people possessing an inquisitive mind after having seen this beautiful and Mysterious graphic surely would be feverishly willing to buy these completely unusual graphic pictures.

And in the nearest future may be there’s a new way of communicating with each other by this new intellectually artistic way of expression.» - Arkadiy Polyak, publiсist.


1981- graduated from the Orel Art School, at the painting department.


Since 2001 – member of the Russian Artists’ Union.


2005- personal exhibition at the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2007- personal exhibition at the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2010 – personal exhibition Marie-Louse Gielen, Nieuwerkerk, Netherland

2012- participated at the exhibition Expo-88, Moscow, Russia

2012- personal exhibition at the Orel State Museum of Fine Arts, Russia

2015 - Became a member of ArtOnline gallery

2016 - Shanti Gallery, solo exhibition «Walking for the Three Seas»

2017 - Solo exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium, Ernest Van Dyckkaai 10

Some of works are owned by Oryol’s Government Museum of Visual Arts as part of their private collection of Russian, American and European art.