Sergei Oganov

Sergei Oganov

Minsk, Belarus

About Sergei Oganov

I was born in 1974 in the family of the famous Belarusian sculptor Lev Oganov.

I began to take my first steps into the world of art while I was schoolboy, helping my father in the studio.

Graduated from the I.E. Repin Academy of Arts (St. Petersburg), He provided me an excellent theoretical and practical basis for the further development of my talent.

I'm the author of numerous iconic monumental sculptures dedicated to the historical figures of Belarus.

My easel sculptures are a symbiosis of the classical school of sculpture, a new look at traditional subjects, and the author’s technique of working with bronze.
Many of them are in private collections in the USA, Europe and the East, as well as in the collections of several national museums in Belarus.


After successfully graduating from high the Academy, I trained in 2005 at the Creative Workshops of Painting, Graphics, and Sculpture under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus under the leadership of M. A. Savitsky and L. M. Gumilevsky.


Since 2005, I'am a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists. In 2019, I was elected as Chairman of the BUA Sculpture Department.

- Diploma for participation in the Exhibition of Contemporary Art “From square to object” signed by the Minister of Culture, Minsk 2014

- Gratitude of the Minister of Culture, Minsk 2015

- Victory in the national competition "Person of the Year in the Field of Culture" according to the results of 2018 in the nomination Monumental Art, 2018

- Diploma of the Grodno Eparchy for Monument to David Garadzienski, Grodno 2018

- Laureate of the International Sculpture Competition “New Image of the Era”, Jingdezhen, China. Out of 1800 works entered the TOP-18 finalists (2019).
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– Laureate of 8th International Izmir Sculpture Workshop (Turkey, 2020)

– Laureate of The China Wuhu -The 8th “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition (2020)

- Laureate of the National Award for Monumental Art- First Prize- Minsk, Belarus (2020)

- Triennial of sculpture, painting and graphics.- Second Prize- Minsk, Belarus (2021)


Since 2000, I took part in more than 35 exhibitions and biennials in Belarus and abroad, 6 exhibitions were personal.

Numerous creative works are kept in private collections (EU, USA, China, Emirates) and collections of museums in Belarus.