Pablo Pérez Palacio

Pablo Pérez Palacio

Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain

About Pablo Pérez Palacio

Pablo Pérez Palacio (Zaragoza - 1983) lives between the city of Madrid, a little retreat at the Pyrenees mountains and his studio in Zaragoza, where his artwork come to an end.

Painting was his earliest contact with art, and the one that determine the fundaments of his own artistic language. Still today, even though he is a multidisciplinary artist whom the concept to be treated is leading, the colour and the composition have an important role on his first proposal.

His attention to the space composition became boosted during his stay in Madrid. Extrapolating from then on the scenic element, both to his work and arrangement, either within a project context or an exhibition space.

I do love to play and experiment searching for the best way to express what I want to share. Been a multidisciplinary artist is not just an election, is the consequence of that searching ...


2000/02 - Artistic high school at the school of arts of Aragón / Spain
2002/04 - Scenography of theatre at the School TAI of Madrid
2004/05 - Superior degree of interior design at the high school of arts of Aragón
2004/09 - History of Art at the university of Zaragoza


Other Projects that you can fin on his web:

2021 - JustMad Art Fair // Represented by A ciegas gallery -
2020 - Selected work // XXXI Art prize Saint Isabel of Aragón, queen of Portugal -

2017 - Selected work for the XXIV Gregorio Prieto drawing contest -

2017 - Hybrid Art Fair // Quimera Project with La Quinta del Sordo / Madrid -

2017- ARCO // Artistic intervention in the cultural space of Gobierno de Aragón / Madrid -

2016 - Selected work // XXVII Art prize Saint Isabel of Aragón, queen of Portugal -

2014 - Artistic Project for the restaurant of the Pablo Serrano Museum of Zaragoza(Spain) -


You can find videos of the exhibitions among others projects on his web:

Solo Exhibitions //

2020 - "Horizontes de Indiferencia" - A ciegas Art Gallery - Madrid.

2019 - "Fragmentos de un espacio propio" - Finestra Art Gallery - Zaragoza (Spain)
2018 - "Fragmentos de un espacio propio" Casa do Brasil - Madrid -
2016 - "366 imágenes / estímulos descriptivos / Mundos Propios" - Finestra Art Gallery / Zaragoza (Spain) -

2015 - "Todo lo que queda"
Art and contemporary culture institute of Aragón(IAACC) / Zaragoza (Spain) / Pablo Serrano Museum -

2013 - Un Año desde París. Emoción / Tragedia / Búsqueda.
Studio Paseo Sagasta 7 of Zaragoza (Spain) –

Group Exhibitions:

2018 - "Fragmentos de una intuición" / José Saramago exhibition room - Leganés / Community of Madrid.

2018 - XXIV Gregorio Prieto drawing contest / "Casa Vacas"
Madrid -

2015 - January 2016 - Stock Out!
Finestra Gallery Estudio of Zaragoza –