Paris Naday

Paris Naday

About Paris Naday

Paris Naday lives and works from her hand-built studio on Nmbngee an intentional community just outside the counter-culture capital of Australia, Nimbin, NSW Australia.

Her art is brave, bold and uncompromising. Paris's work explores her concern with the state of the environment, her investment in a just social economy, her dedication to self inquiry and her exploration of the beauty of being.

Influenced by Dali, Picasso, Monet and Pollack, Paris works mainly in New Media constructing digital abstract scapes using her laptop, scanner, and DSLR she also creates sculpture from photographs and 2D multimedia montage, using anything and everything she can find.

Highly creative in many mediums, Paris is a professional video director/editor and runs her own Information Technology business Bridge Digital. Paris has won awards for her film, new-media and sculpture work.

Paris loves the challenge of collaboration and finds that "collaboration pushes me to answer questions I wouldn't ask myself, deepening the artistic process with constant feedback and requiring a state of compassion and generosity, moving my art and my self forward".

Paris collaborates on many projects with her partner Darmin Cameron, their photographic-montage sculpture Utopia Towers won the Coraki Art Prize for sculpture in 2012.

Paris exhibits and sells her art regularly in her local area.

Paris Statement
"I am not sure whether my art is a strong invocation of whimsy or a compelling function of the universe in which I appear to reside.

I am torn between taking total responsibility for it and taking none.

I experience a definite compulsion when I work, I am consumed by a piece, an idea, an illusion until it is finished. I feel most alive, at peace and fulfilled when I am creating, rarely constrained by medium or style my work is a form of escape, I am pulled constantly through and past my creations towards the unknown where I happily roam."