Patricia P Abreu

Patricia P Abreu

Jupiter, FL, United States

About Patricia P Abreu

Patricia P. Abreu was born in Cuba in 1979. At a young age she moved to Spain where she lived for many years in Madrid, searching for her own identity while studying economics and theater.

In 2004, she moved to Barcelona where she studied photography, finding in it the art through which she felt most comfortable expressing herself. Thanks to her commitment to her studies, she found work in cinematography, participating in countless meaningful and enlightening film and television projects.

It is after becoming a mother in 2012 that she decided to resume her real passion and connect again with the purity of still photography - this time in a more personal and intimate way.

Patricia's photography is nourished by what surrounds her, most often captured spontaneously, in the moment, with an eye intent on bringing into focus the beauty and mystery that can be glimpsed, but so often overlooked, in everyday sights.

She draws a clear distinction between her arquitectural photography where she experiments with lines, reflections, forms, and perspective, and her more expressionistic work where she explores a less constrained artistic approach. Her technique is equally reliant upon two disciplines; the capturing of the raw image and the art of digital manipulation - where the goal is not perfection, but rather the accentuation of the spark that awakens the image.