Emma Pesti

Emma Pesti

Subotica, Serbia

About Emma Pesti

I was born on 25th May 1990, in Subotica, Serbia. I got my degree in Visual Arts in 2013, at the University of Szeged, in Hungary. Now I live and work in my hometown.

Although my work is highly abstracted, we can discover worlds in the details – the sun, the moon, the water, skies, dust in the clouds, windows on houses. However, the topic is of a secondary importance to me, while I paint I mostly deal with the composition and creating the balance. One of the pillars of my painting is the planned, controlled randomness, the conscious placement of gestures that may seem accidental on the canvas, based on compositional aspects.
I seek harmony between the constructive, the geometric, and the expressive, the chaotic. Despite the placement of each geometric shape on the canvas is in contrast with the surrounding sweeping brush strokes, paint dribbling, sharp charcoal lines, a sense of harmony, calmness in the restless reality emerge.


2009-2013 Visual Arts, University of Szeged, Hungary
2005-2009 Product design in printing industry, Politechnican High School, Subotica, Serbia


2020 "Pannon Spaces", Hungarian Cultural Center, Palic, Serbia
2019 "Shift", Modern Gallery, Subotica, Serbia
2018 "Exhibition of Emma Pesti", Kárpát-haza Galéria, Forrás Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2018 "Exhale", Pannon Magyar Ház, Pécs, Hungary
2017 "Horizons", "Dobo Tihamer" Gallery, Kanjiza, Serbia
2017 "Another Horizont", Klein house social bar & art gallery, Subotica, Serbia
2017 "Living in the details", Kunst Café, Subotica, Serbia
2016 "Soulscapes II", "Juhász Erzsébet" Library, Backa Topola, Serbia
2016 "Soulscapes I", "Ady Endre" Primary School, Mali Iđoš, Serbia
2016 "Different landscapes", Library of Horgos, Horgos, Serbia
2016 "Living here...impossible", Cultural Cetre of Senta, Senta, Serbia
2015 "There", Theatre of Novi Sad, Serbia
2015 "The three of us", Center for Hungarian Culture, Subotica, Serbia
2014 "Towns in me", Memorial House "Szenteleky", Sivac, Serbia
2013 "There are places.." Library "Somogyi", Szeged, Hungary
2013 Caffee Oasis, Szeged, Hungary
2012 "In Progress", Cultural Center of Tiszasziget, Tiszasziget, Hungary

SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS in Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia