Peter McQuillan

Peter McQuillan

London, United Kingdom

About Peter McQuillan

Born London 1967 Peter grew up on the move around Europe and India, a start which led to a fascination with the look, feel and flavour of place, the differences, the similarities. .....

After a spell at art college he went on to become a landscape architect and urban designer, shaping the designs for all kinds of external spaces: parks and city areas around the world....

He continues to travel widely, both with work and in his free time, creating paintings and drawings recording scenes and experiences. ...

Creating art is a means to be free ... outside the maelstrom of modern life, to focus on being creative, to gaze calmly at the world, be curious, to have fun and work with a sense of play. He's intrigued by the essence of place, a spirit or feel and the different qualities place can evokes, ... calm, memory, nostalgia, revelation, portent.

He seeks to reclaim watercolour painting as a cutting edge, cool and edgy. ...

He continues to travel widely, around Europe, India, Russia, Japan, South America. ... Influences are Russian folk art, Italian and Dutch renaissance painting, Edwardian society portraits, Japanese woodblock prints ... and anything else Japanese. He lives in London.


Chelsea School of Art - Art Foundation
University of Greenwich and Larenstein Holland
BA Landscape Architecture
University of Westminster - MA Urban Design


Weltschmerz Art and Urban Myth
London October 2011
Notting Hill Mayfest May 2012
Le Mur Vivant June 2012