Polina Ogiy

Polina Ogiy


About Polina Ogiy

Polina Ogiy was born in Kharkov .
She quickly shows great interest in art and all its expressions, finishing her studies at the High School of Arts and Music.
Then she enrolls at the Moscow State Art and Design Academy by Stroganov, where she becomes expert in drawing, painting, design and sculpture.In 1999, she got a degree as Master of Fine Art. In 2004 Polina won the first prize at the International Architecture Competition.
She is currently working in the fields of painting, sculpture, architecture, interior design, exclusive decoration and painting.

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love."(The first Epistle of St. an. St. John The Evangelist)
Art is the creator soul delight spilled on canvas, embodied in marble, paper, notes in the form, line, color, sound, word, movement and thousands of other creative expressions. This is awareness of Genesis, understanding of the soul creating the fabric of life .Works of art are true, pure symbols imprinted by the hand of the artist. They are characters of life, love, harmony and symmetry, sacred geometry of destiny. The world is ruled by symbols. And the true symbols express the divine harmony.If you're a creative person, the main energy that moves your hand is love, passion to cognition for the essence of things and phenomena. This is love and admiration, inspiration by the beauty of a landscape, character, object, myth or legend. The delight of my soul reflects the spiritual essence and symbolism of the Muse selected.Creativity is the destination of the soul incarnate in a person. We all are the co-creators of God, and everyone is an architect of his own life and world view. Convergence of matter and spirit, the ancient alchemy of human life are nothing else, but a splash of creative energy of spirit in matter.For me it is the music of my soul embodied in line and color, its trace through the time and space. Painting and sculpture are like my natural breath and my self expression. The motivation is simple - to live and create. An artist is the crystal, which stops the time in its purpose. An artist displays the Genesis, depicts the beauty and perfection of the moment. The artist perceives with his heart, not his eyes. An artist opens for the viewer the door to the wordlessness and guides to the pure original source of Life.Canvas is a material body, the image on the canvas is the artist soul cast. My work is unique as well as unique is my soul.Painting is a soul-searching journey in love and harmony with the universe , in the here and now. My works depict only my way. And they may tell you about my travels and discoveries as witnesses of this path. I represent the dream and looking to the future, I'm just a means to demonstrate uniqueness and beauty of the world.The technique and materials I use reflect my view of the world. Impressionism, pointillism and divisionism are painting techniques that display the essence of the world in its moments, paints, brushstrokes, in the game and joy of shades of color and light, always different and always changeable. Harmony of many objects in one place and at one instant is a mosaic of life.To express the intended image, I use such means as attention to details, symbolism, decorativeness, the legend, a clear graphic illustration, the line of thought. Where the line plays the key party like the main melody in music. Color mosaic fills the piece of art with sound and vibration. I use oil as the main material for painting for it stems from the joy of communion and contact with the natural elements of the earth, natural dyes, incorporated in the basis of oil paints and complement, and enhance the energy recorded on the canvas. Process of creation is always accompanied by thrill and excitement, and by immersion in the realm of metaphysics. Nothing is fortuitous in the alchemy of creativity and the main goal is to discover the truth of beauty born only by the energy of love to life.
Polina Ogiy


1994-2001 MFA, Moscow State Art and Design Academy by Stroganov, Moscow, Russia
1988-1992 Children's art school № 1 named after. I. E. Repin, Kharkiv, Ukraine
1985-1992 Music school's piano class, Kharkiv, Ukraine


2017/07/25 Premio Internazionale Arte Milano
International art and artists in Milan, July 25th, Theater Dal Verme, Milan International Art Prize with art critic Vittorio Sgarbi and many other guests.

The exhibition By the the Gallery Poppi (AR), is hosting “De Naturarum Magnificentia”, a group exhibition curated by Sara Lovari and Silvia Rossi, in collaboration with ExpArt studio & gallery. 10/04/2016-12/06/2016
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Solo exhibition "Alba in SICILIA", galleria "IL SOGNO", 12/07/2014
Solo exhibition "VEDERE", galleria "IL SOGNO", 24/04/2014
Solo exhibition, Palazzo Consiglio regionale delle Marche, Ancona 26/11/2014
Solo exhibition "Luce e ombra", galleria "IL SOGNO", Pesaro 22/08/2013
Solo exhibition "I volti del Buddha", galleria "IL SOGNO", 11/07/2013
Solo exhibition "LE FIGLIE DI EVA", galleria "IL SOGNO", 22/08/2012
Solo exhibition "Epoca del Sogno", albergo Alexsandr, Pesaro 2011
Solo exhibition "Epoca del Sogno", albergo Crueser, Pesaro 2011