Ievgenii Polozov

Ievgenii Polozov

Vyshgorod, Kyiv region, Ukraine

About Ievgenii Polozov

As a longing for realistic imaging and yet needing to freely express my surreal ideas, I have chosen digital manipulation as my main tool (self-taught since 2001). Actual artworks are then printed on canvas (or rarely on photo paper) of high size dimensions (70x70 cm and more)

Ideas for my artworks come from my intuition and night dreams. Also, my main concern is to bring aesthetics to this world, to balance out all the ugliness it is filled with.

Most of old works were created in 2008, followed by relatively empty years of searches and studies. Now, coming back reconsidered and determined, I will soon bring you new artworks, based on ideas collected during all these years.


Two of my works were accepted into collection of State Russian Museum (Saint Petersburg). Some other were printed in best works catalogues of Trierenberg Super Circuit, and one artwork won golden medal in that contest.