Prakornpatara Janthakhaisorn

Prakornpatara Janthakhaisorn

Chiang Mai, Thai, Thailand

About Prakornpatara Janthakhaisorn

Born in 1972,THAILAND

: Recently live and work in Chiang Mai, Northern city of Thailand.
: Associate Professor at the Department of Visual Arts
I'm an instructor of prints making department, Faculty of fine arts, Chiangmai University. Suthep rd, Muang ,Chiang Mai.
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: My Concept
"Basically, humans have an immense desire to continue the race. This desire is expressed through behaviors of love and yearning for the opposite gender. People of all age and eras can not escape from this intrinsic rule of nature. It is the desire of both sexes that has forced creation of endless imagination and beauty"


: B.F.A.Graphic Art,Faculty of Fine Arts,Chaingmai University,Chaingmai
: M.F.A.Graphic Art, Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts. Silpakorn University.Bangkok, Thailand.


Future Shows: --

2016 : Bronze Medal Award, Established Artist Category Thailand
UOB Painting of the year 2016. Thailand
2000 : 3rd Prize, Bronze Medal Award,Graphic Art Section, 46th National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok. THAILAND
1999 : 3rd Prize,Bronze Medal Award, Graphic Art Section, 45th National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok. THAILAND
: Award Winner 11st Toshiba Bring Good Things to Life Art Competition, Bangkok. THAILAND
: Award Winner, Thai Farmer Bank
Contemporary Art Exhibition ,Bangkok. THAILAND
1997 : Award Winner Contemporary By Mitsubishi (Thailand),Bangkok. THAILAND
1996 : Award Winner 2nd Landscape Painting By Bangkok Bank, Bangkok. THAILAND
1995 : Special Prize, 13rd Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artist, Bangkok.THAILAND
: Award Winner 2nd Panasonic Contemporary
Painting Exhibition, Bangkok. THAILAND


Solo Exhibitions
2014 : Polychrome in Printmaking, CMU. Art Center, Chaing Mai. THAILAND
2008 : Desire : Emotion, Panisa Gallery. Chaing Mai.THAILAND
2007 : Half and Serious 2nd, Water colour Exhibition. Panisa Gallery. Chaing Mai.THAILAND
2004 : Half and Serious, Art Gallery of Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University. THAILAND
2003 : Form of Desire, H Gallery. Bangkok. THAILAND
2002 : Season Change, Masamis Food & Wine. Bangkok, Bangkok. THAILAND
1997 : Mini Print, Mailaksri Gallery, Jatujak Market, Bangkok. THAILAND