'The Passion for Life' Installation by Gregory Bolton

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Art Description

Installation: Wax, Found Objects, Plastic, Glass, Interactive on Bronze, Cardboard, Plastic, Wood, Other.

The Passion is one of five hundred images collected from my most recent Installation. It is set up in the Kitchen area and constructed around a central Sculpture named 'Petal' (Insect Girl). I assembled the whole from :- feathers, straws,plastic carrier bags (melted) paper of my lunch and various other objects from the 'Trash bin'. I make reference photographs as I work but only select a few for publication. This surrealist digital image is based mainly on the ability to read 'negative space. I generally name them by the emotion they evoke in my subconscious. I rarely set of with a finished product in mind but develop as I experiment with new techniques. (to me at least). Re-using what society calls rubbish is my main aim, as the planet appears to be clogged up in waste produce. Today I saw a piece of paper printed off a till and deposited into the waste bin without a glance. As an artist I am aware of the cost of producing paper and ink personally and to the ecosystem. I see high quality boxes sent to re-pulping in the name of efficiency. If I were to buy printing of this quality I would need to price my Art at ten times the price. It seems today people know the price of everything but the value of nothing. I collect a lot of material from the street. I hope you enjoy the images as the pieces will probably be recycled again into another Installation. regards Greg.


'The Passion for Life'

Gregory Bolton

United Kingdom


Size: 96 W x 96 H x 48 in

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