Night-Mare Time Witch Artwork by Faustus Crow

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Art Description

New Media: New Media on Other.

The Artwork depicts the fifty-fifth Succubus archetype of the Fallen 'Anima' called Orobas who is listed within the grimoire, entitled the Goetia.

Orobas is described as manifesting as a horse within a Triangle Of Art vision, but after the command of the conjuring Surrealist Artist, said Succubus Art Muse, will take on the 'Anima' form of a Pony-Girl.

Those in the know will realise that I have totally reversed the 'Animus' fixated symbolism of the classical Playgirl grimoires towards that of a rebellious Playboy Necronomicon focus upon the Fallen 'Anima.'

Anyway, the horse (Mare) is often equated with the experience of trance in Siberian shamanistic practice of which the Mongolian shamans speak of as being a personal psychic power, called Hii (wind), or Hiimori.

The term, Hiimori means Windhorse, the ancient Norse shaman knew as the eight-legged-Mare, called, Sleipnir, which was ridden by the shaman deity called Odin. The name of Sleipnir means, ‘gliding one.'

The Hiimori is seen to be housed within the lung area of the chest; its power is the ability to induce hypnagogic (gliding) trance, which will vary in its power according to how you use it.

The Windhorse is sometimes personified as an eight-legged-mare, looking like a female (Succubus) centaur, upon whose Night-Mare back the shaman rides into trance.

The shaman can be seen as being similar to the time travelling science fiction character called, Dr Who, whose time machine, named the, TARDIS, which is an acronym for: Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, can be symbolically equated with the (Hiimori) Night-Mare.

The personification of Hiimori as an eight-legged female centaur is important here, which points at the eight vertices of a cube, having six faces; whereupon, said spider horse can be easily associated with Dr Who's TARDIS, likened to that of a fourth dimensional analogy of a Hellraiser Rubik's cube called a tesseract.

The Hiimori is symbolically seen to be tethered to the (multiverse) world tree the ancient Norse called Yggdrassill. The world tree is described in ancient myth as interconnecting nine worlds, which can be seen as nine dimensions.

The tree trunk represents the spinal column of the shaman whose nervous system is that of the branches and roots of the tree. This then leads you to the chest area, of your lungs.

Your lungs pumps out endogenous DMT when experiencing a fight/flight response, where the Hiimori resides, around which of the pumping heart, most of the nerve fibers of your central nervous system are to be found.




Night-Mare Time Witch

Faustus Crow

New Media

Size: 7200 W x 4800 H x 0.1 in

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