Shaman Genie Artwork by Faustus Crow

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Art Description

New Media: New Media on Other.

In research of the shaman’s hypnagogic trance and lucid dream experiences, there are a number of (Surrealist) observations, which indicate that female spirits, Carl Jung would classify as being (Art Muse) archetypes of the Anima, are absolutely essential for a male (Artist) shaman.

But very often once the female spirits of the lucid dream have nurtured, tutored and helped their human protégée, they occasionally don’t want him to continue on the spiritual path.

Though such is a test; for the shaman (Artist) has to then learn that he has to have 'dominance' over the female (Muse) archetypes of his Anima, not the other way around.

In some legends the female spirit who is essentially his genie even prepares a dream banquet for the shaman in order to dissuade him from carrying on his trance quest.

The dream banquet symbolically represents the shaman being hypnotised and thereby dominated by his Anima.

Mircea Eliade – Shamanism Archaic techniques of ecstasy: "Using A V Anokhin’s data on shamanism among the Teleut, Sternberg states that every Teleut shaman has a celestial wife who lives in the seventh heaven.

During his ecstatic journey to Bai Ulgan, the shaman meets his wife and she asks him to remain with her, she has prepared an exquisite banquet for them;

‘My darling young kam [she sings]
We shall sit together at the blue table
My darling husband, my young kam
Let us hide in the shadow of the curtains
And let us make love to one another and have fun
My husband, my young kam’

She assures him that the road to the sky has been blocked. But the shaman refuses to believe her, and repeats his determination to continue his ascent."

Another example is that of a Goldi shaman of Siberia: "Once I was asleep ..., when a spirit approached me. It was a very beautiful woman. Her figure was very slight, she was no more than half an arshin (71 cm) tall. ... Other shamans say they have had a vision of a woman with one-half of her face black, and the other half red. She said : "I am the "ayami" of your ancestors, the Shamans. I taught them shamaning. Now I am going to teach you. ... You are to become a shaman.

Next she said : "I love you, I have no husband now, you will be my husband and I shall be a wife unto you. I shall give you assistant spirits. You are to heal with their aid, and I shall teach and help you myself. ..." ...

She has been coming to me ever since, and I sleep with her as with my own wife, but we have no children. She lives quite by herself without any relatives in a hut, on a mountain, but she often changes her abode.

Sometimes she comes to me under the aspect of an old woman, and sometimes under that of a wolf, so she is terrible to look at. Sometimes she comes to me as a winged tiger.

I mount it and she takes me to show me different countries. I have seen mountains, where only old men and women live, and villages, where you see nothing but young people, men and women : ... sometimes those people are turned into tigers."

"She has given me three assistants – the "jarga" (the panther), the "doonto" (the bear) and the "amba" (the tiger). They come to me in my dreams, and appear whenever I summon them while shamaning." Andrei A. Znamenski (compiler): Shamanism. London, 2004. vol. 1, p. 128

Other Art Muse examples: Yukaghir of Siberia, along upper Kolyma River: The goddess of hunting is "a lustful young woman whom hunters must persuade to provide them with prey animals by seducing her in their dreams."

Yakut of Siberia: The daughters of the abassy ("deities"), "in appearing to the shaman in his dream, ... enter into sexual intercourse with him." Thereby she imparts to him "luck".

Buryat of Siberia: In shamanic dreams, "The soul of a Buryat novice travels to the center of the world, where it meets, in an amorous encounter, the nine wives of Tekha, the god of ... dance. Eventually, the soul meets there his future celestial spouse."

China—"King Xiang (Hsiang; third century B.C.E) is said to have dreamt of a tryst with a Goddess on Wu Shan (Witch's Mountain), with the Goddess seizing the initiative." In another translation, "Witch's Mountain" is "Shamanka Mountain".This Goddess of Wu Shan "transformed into the fungus-like yaocao",[18] the "edible mushroom" being a metaphor in courtship for marriage.

Akkad: "Hemerologies reveal that the ardat lilī-demoness could pick a man as mate (hâru)" The "ardat lilī-demoness (associated with Lilith of Jewish mythology)" seduced men within their lucid dreams.

Female shamans also have their spirit spouses who are inner archetypes of their Animus. Nganasan of Siberia: A woman in a shamanist family married the smallpox-spirit: she "became a wife of the Smallpox within her dreams."

The spirit wives of the shaman are often seen to reside within the shamans trance inducing drum, which also symbolises a Harem, somewhat like that of classical genies residing within a bottle/lamp.




Shaman Genie

Faustus Crow

New Media

Size: 6000 W x 4500 H x 0.1 in

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