A cat and a dog are sharing a funny dream :) Painting by Liina Veski

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Color, Neon, Paint, Found Objects on Canvas, Other.

The painting was inspired by my own dog Daisy. She is already an 13 old lady and spends almost 24/7 sleeping and snoring. Her life is not very exciting anymore as she gets easily tired and prefers her warm dog bed.
But I believe her dreams are where she runs and does all her exciting dog business. She makes different noises and paddles with her feet. It is quite cute to watch. I have always wondered what she might see in her dreams?
I hope for my dog those dreams are very funny and interesting. I hope the same for all the other dogs and cats who are getting older and can not enjoy a very active life anymore.
For the viewers I hope they will find more time for their pets. We are all they have, all their world. And they do not live forever - they are like angels given to us for short time. All we can do is to be grateful for their unconditional and never ending love.
It is ment to be a joyful painting. To remind the viewer of the joy of life and the really important things in life-love, family, joy, friendship, happiness, quality time with loved ones, simple things in life and taking time to enjoy them!
I chose the materials because most of us would throw the dried pieces of paint etc away as garbage. But as you can maybe see now - there is beauty in this ,,garbage,,...we just have to start noticing the beauty everywhere and the world will look even more beautiful as it is now!
The paintings size without the frame is 15,11 height, 7,08 width and 0,11 inches thick canvas. And the painting has glowing in the dark details!



A cat and a dog are sharing a funny dream :)

Liina Veski


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