Don't Give Up Painting by Anastasiia Zhudova-Sharma

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Clay, Fabric, Found Objects, Stone on Canvas, Paper, Plastic, Stone, Other.

DON'T GIVE UP, mixed art psychedelic healing painting on raw canvas, free-hand style, hanging on a bamboo.
History of this piece starts from a friend of mine, who is actually doing very good handicrafts...But he's not good seller, and one day business didn't go good...and then one more, and one more... He was not selling anything for few weeks and he had no money for food even for the last days. And once came back home after market so frustrated, one more day without single smallest sale, no money for bills, no food for pets, no food for him! No money even for petrol for the next market!... And he started destroying his paintings, hanging on the wall. He was just pulling it down and tearing it into pieces.
I got a chance to save one;) It's still kind of toned... You can see it in the middle of canvas, 2 pieces of one A4 paper with very beautiful dot-work, pointillism. I saved this piece and made my own around it. This art-work is dedicated to my good friend, Ken Rowels, and I wanted in these way ask everyone, who's going to - DON'T GIVE UP! Try once again; Something good will happen for sure!
I use here different kinds of art and handwork, such as materials: macramé, de-coupage, drawing. I put many Goan thing there, as soon as this happened in Goa) Here shells from Kerim Beach, local sim-card, seeds from Red Fort, different-different thing, which are related to Goan life and I was collecting carefully during all season time 2014: beads, seeds, feathers. Also there natural elements like kidney beans, rice, natural stones with real power( labradorite, lapis lazuli, malachite, amethyst ), yak-bone beads, news paper, Rudraksh, Shiv-power seeds, brass beads, nut, chikoo seeds etc. In macramé frame and hanged on a bamboo with clay work on sides this master piece will bring a lot of powerful positive energy to your life, will give you strong boost to move, go ahead and win, win, win!


Don't Give Up

Anastasiia Zhudova-Sharma



Size: 42 W x 43.5 H x 2.5 in

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