Mantra of Ares Painting by Aleksei Gorbenko

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Mantra of Ares

Aleksei Gorbenko

United States


Size: 30 W x 24 H x 1 in

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

«Mantra of Ares». (Oil Painting, 24/30 inches) Manipulations are not only a lack of respect for the unique nature, It's an intention to destroy individuality, suppress spirit and kill a soul. There are two types of manipulations: 1. Rough manipulations based on force: "Do the way we want you to do. Be the way we want you to see. We are not interested in your uniqueness, and if you are going to express it - we will limit your resources, we will humiliate you, beat you up, and if it does not help - we will destroy you." 2. Subtle manipulations based on moral values: "Do you love me? Then confirm your love - act the way I want - suppress your spirit. I'm not interested in your uniqueness, your desires and dreams. I love you, and you must pay me back by certain actions. If you want to be loved, to feel a sense of community with us, to receive our material and psychological support and protection, encouragement and comfort - BE NICE! It means that you have to match us and our standards. " "Be nice" is a disfiguring trap of modern society. This thought requires complete obedience to the system, complete suppression of spiritual nature and uniqueness. People who sold themselves, betrayed themselves, suppressed their spiritual nature, begin to experience aggression toward people who show their uniqueness. It is easier to destroy others, rather than go inside and face your own pain from the fact that whole life you have lived not the way you wanted, spend time not with whom you wanted, did the things which you didn't want. If I am surrounded by manipulators who, in fact, trying to destroy my soul, the best mantra is: " you all".
© Aleksei Gorbenko, 2015